After millennia of magical dependence, the world has but one city. If it has a name, no one remembers it. It is simply “The City.” Neighborhoods, walled cities in their own right, are located on every corner of the globe. Interconnected by Teleportation Circles, the residents no longer question why it might be noon and snowing in one place and midnight and clear just a few blocks over. No one leaves The City any more. There is no reason to. Food and water can be created in large quantities, and when the walls and magical barriers keeping monsters out proved restrictive, magic allowed for vertical growth. Now, no one would even consider going Outside. Everything you could want can be found in The City.

Just don’t break any laws, for from petty thieves to murderers, the most feared and prevalent punishment is Banishment. And outside the city, a primordial forest, seemingly untouched by man since it swallowed up the remnants of the ancient civilizations of the land stretches across the continent. To the north, the trees give way to inhospitable tundra. To the south, deserts swarm with blue dragons and purple worms. No one in The City knows this, of course. All they know is, in nearly three thousand years, not a single person has returned from their sentence of a year and a day Outside.

And that is where our story begins….

Into The Wild

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