Into The Wild

Day 12 - Peace At Last

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Text Version (The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image):

Day 12 — Peace at Last

Day 12 — Peace at last

Finally a quiet day — the first one since this exile started. The town seems to be getting back to normal quickly, and we finally have a break from marching thanks to Oak’s current physical state. Touching Gaia seems to have done a number on him due to his visions, I’ll have to try and take some time out of brewing to make sure he’s not in too much pain. Not that I want to cut short what is likely to be our only break, but I couldn’t live with the guilt of what he’d put the villagers through if he’s suffering for an entire week. This town has been wonderfully helpful so far — I’ve gotten a slew of new spells and recipes as well as more time to work on my trade than I ever would have gotten on the road. Possibly the most important thing, however, is the new ring I got here, similar to a ring of sustenance it allows me to function on much less sleep and in previous days it has been the only reason I’ve kept up with my work schedule. Additionally I’m getting Myr to craft me some dragonhide bracers that will keep me safe from acid while I work — they will be much more useful than my old pair of gloves. Overall I’ve made more progress out here in twelve days than I did in twelve months in the City. I’ve managed to get some new sway over a familiar face — one of the catfolk’s young divines no less — assuming she actually comes with us when we leave anyway. She apparently is a

hemophiliac and thus needs a special brew made by Myr in order to stop the bleeding without using a healing spell. Since she seems to want to leave the village with us when we go, that makes me her ticket out of here, as I’ll be her only constant source of alchemical blood stopper. No plans for her yet, but the more people I have in my pocket the better, especially if they have useful abilities — and this one seems to be a fine healer with some affinity for elemental water. Of course, learning to make a salve that will stop bleeding is nice just for the knowledge and the application, so realistically the young catfolk is just a bonus. New acquaintances aside, I actually had some time to myself (and Eel of course) for once — quite the novel experience out here. I spent some time exploring the town — it’s quite large for the resources available — and getting to know the various witches, alchemists, and other interesting catfolk that reside here. Of course, it was rather late in the evening so not everyone was in the most talkative mood — they haven’t got one of these rings, which is really too bad, they’re very handy — but many were just as interested in hearing from one of our group as I was in hearing from them. Having time to myself is quite the refreshing change of pace — traveling with the group leads to an odd sort of public seclusion where you have no privacy and little companionship, too much marching at once is a recipe to drive any halfling

crazy. Of course having free time meant I no longer had an excuse to avoid washing Eelfin — it’s clearly been far too long — but he’s never been particularly compliant about being bathed. Thankfully I managed to get the deed done without destroying Myr’s hut and only minimal repair requirements to my wardrobe. Now to hope that damned fox-man wasn’t watching us — more than a bit unnerving knowing that some Outsider could be watching through the eyes of your fox at any moment.

[Oak notes: Despite my free time today I couldn’t find Oak (not that I tried very hard) to see how he was feeling. Oh well, don’t want him getting better – too — fast, but I should make sure he’s not tormenting the villagers tomorrow.]

Day 12 - Peace At Last

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