Into The Wild

Day 15 - Sealing Alliances

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Text Version (The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image):

Day 15 – Sealing Alliances

I’ve been too productive these past days – I haven’t had any time to brew something to keep Oak off his feet, which means we will unfortunately be leaving this lovely little village at sunup. However, that productivity has netted me some nice alliances, between Jorin’s hand in my endeavors and the bloodblock I’ll be providing to Yon, I’ve managed to ensure I’m overly useful to that many more of our group. I highly doubt the uneasy peace within our band will last forever, and when the dividing time comes, I want everyone to find some rather compelling reasons to think twice before turning on me. And on the off chance that the group doesn’t implode, it just means that people are more willing to help me, should the occasion arise. I managed to stock up on supplies as much as possible during our downtime, but I still made time to examine Jorin’s ‘sample’ and check in on Oak every day, as nice as it will be to move on, I will miss this little village. But discovery demands that I keep exploring this land, every mile we cover I find something new or something changed – it’s only a matter of time until I can use these ingredients to make something that will cement my name in alchemical history. Still, the town has been surprisingly conducive to my research and the villagers have been extraordinarily welcoming, I may have to invent a way to visit

them if I ever get back to the City; both for ingredients and for myself. A vacation home outside City walls sounds absolutely lovely, actually – I will have to keep an eye out for a good place and a good way to get to and from it while we travel. After all, there is a good chance that I won’t be welcomed back into the City, even if I’m legally allowed to return after surviving out here for a year. One does wonder how they will deal with a bunch of ex-convicts returning to become famous as the only group to survive exile. It has never happened before, so I expect that they have little, if any, preparation. But we will survive, or, at least, I will survive, I have no intention of having all this excellent research and experimentation go to waste by my notes being left to rot in a swamp out here. Maybe I should tell some of the group to take my journal back to the City if they survive the exile and I don’t, but I’d rather not put any connection between ‘death’ and ‘Kalmella’ in their heads. Either way, Oak still seems the best bet for keeping my skin on my bones out here, so I will continue to follow him in his breakneck pace through the Wild until I find something that seems a better way to stay alive while seeing whats Outside. To that end, the catfolk had a small banquet for us tonight – it was a nice break not to have to cook for once – and satisfying to note the slightly displeased look on some faces when they tasted the dinner before

inquiring after the chef. After the elders said their goodbyes we retired for the evening, as Oak intends to see us up early and on the march sooner rather than later.

- Kalmella

[Oak notes: He’s as lively today as he was prior to ‘the incident’, unfortunately, it was quite fun having the upper hand while he was still wobbly. I fear that we will be marching long and hard for the next stretch of time, which will put quite the strain on my experiments. Maybe I can keep our midday meals a tradition, it could easily provide the leverage I need.]

Day 15 - Sealing Alliances

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