Alex the Boar


One of the siblings entombed in the first Ruins. See also Abador, Isadore, and Theodore

The complete poem (translated form Draconic), marked on their tombs.

Here lie four siblings, gods of yore,
Of myth and legend, tale and lore.
United twice, these siblings four,
In birth, in death, but nevermore.
With fervor, magic, death, and war,
Each led a country, rich and poor.

The witch queen, stunning Isadore,
The eldest child to adore,
Most beauteous, since and before,
Betrayed her siblings, wretched whore.
Death her dominion, this and more,
Her fury doomed the siblings four.

The second child, Theodore,
Unlike his sister, to the core,
Her opposite by every score.
A healer, cleric of Pelor,
To cure the sick, to feed the poor,
To aid the needy was his chore.

The third, a son, the king of war,
His name be cursed: Alex the Boar.
His armies marched from sea to shore,
A trail of blood, this and no more,
Was left behind his legion’s roar,
Just blood and bones and death and gore

The scholar-caster, last of four,
With the Arcane, he learned to soar,
And to create that precious ore.
’Twas by his magic that the four
Were brought at last to Judgements Door.
Blessed be his name, brave Abador.

The siblings lie beneath this tor,
To serve as warnings evermore:
The power of the gods and more,
When wielded for lust or war,
Can shake even the planet’s core,
And change the shape of hill and shore.

Alex the Boar

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