Zyzara Amasha


Zyzara’s Character Page

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Elf noblewoman, speaks (at least) Celestial, Elven, Common.

Is very interested in the Ruins, and with history in general.

Seems to be hooking up with Thavron… And possibly Melisse.

Claims to have killed her husband and his lover when the lover convinced the husband to kill both her and her son.

Heiress to a large amount of wealth, and claims she donated some of her wealth to those in need.

  • Note about “claims”: Since no one in the party knows for sure, I am leaving the “claims” guard there. That said, the entire party could take 20 on sense motive checks and conclude that she is telling the truth, but that only means that either she is telling the truth or has a very large number of ranks in bluff.

Zyzara Amasha

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