Kalmella Strider


Kalmella’s Character Page

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Though she likely only barely rises above your waist, the halfling standing before you manages to please the eye despite the wild, travel-worn, appearance of her clothing, which was quite clearly never intended for use in the forests. Light brown, shoulder length hair spills in waves down past dark green eyes with the spark of passion common to the little folk. Her young halfling face clearly showing both a keen intellect and a knack for handling people, you suspect many people have been swayed by her charms. Those who manage to look beyond her charisma notice a soul who has clearly known poverty, and the plight of a child forced to take on responsibilities at a young age. If you had to guess, you’d expect she has a plan for every contingency- though you might doubt their likelihood of working out for the best. Something in the way she holds herself tells you that you would not like to see her mad..

Kalmella Strider

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