Alchemist's Cauldron


Alchemist’s Cauldron

Aura Faint Conjuration (see below); CL 5th (see below)
Slot none; Price 5,000 gp (see below); Weight 5lbs.


This cauldron can be used to brew special, slightly unstable, alchemical substances made from recipes. Each cauldron has a rating (+1, +2, etc, up to +10, like magic weapons), as well as a list of recipes that that cauldron can produce. This price is for a +1 cauldron with the Acid recipe. Rating upgrades cost the same as magic weapon upgrades (i.e. +6000 to upgrade to +2), and each recipe costs the same as an armor upgrade (i.e. 1000 GP for a +1 recipe, 4000GP for a +2 recipe, and so on). These prices are summarized on the table below:

Item Cost
+1 Alchemist’s Cauldron 5,000 GP
+2 Alchemist’s Cauldron 11,000 GP
+3 Alchemist’s Cauldron 21,000 GP
+4 Alchemist’s Cauldron 35,000 GP
+5 Alchemist’s Cauldron 53,000 GP
+6 Alchemist’s Cauldron 75,000 GP
+7 Alchemist’s Cauldron@ 101,000 GP
+8 Alchemist’s Cauldron@ 131,000 GP
+9 Alchemist’s Cauldron@ 165,000 GP
+10 Alchemist’s Cauldron@ 203,000 GP
Add a +1 Recipe +1,000 GP
Add a +2 Recipe +4,000 GP
Add a +3 Recipe +9,000 GP
Add a +4 Recipe +16,000 GP
Add a +5 Recipe +25,000 GP

@ Note that these items require an Epic caster level to craft. Such a cauldron is a minor artifact in its own right

The cauldron must have a CL of at least triple the enhancement bonus of the cauldron, though the absolute minimum CL is 5. The crafter must have at least as many ranks in Craft (Alchemy) as the item’s CL (i.e. to upgrade a +2 to a +3 cauldron, the crafter must be at least CL 9 and have at least 9 ranks in Craft (Alchemy).

To use this cauldron, you must spend time crafting with it. You craft the equivalent of a +1 recipe every hour, but gain an additional level’s worth for each 2 contiguous hours crafting. Thus, 8 hours crafting in 4 2-hour blocks is sufficient to produce 20 “levels” of items. When crafting items, you mix and match recipes, up to a total rating no higher than the cauldron’s rating (for example, a +3 cauldron could brew a +3 recipe, or a combination of a +2 and a +1, or a combination of 3 +1s), and you can generally mix the same recipe twice: For example, a Level 2 cauldron could produce acid + acid, to double the effect. All items created in this way are free, but they last for only 1 day per 2 levels, unless they are marked as Highly Unstable, in which case they last 24 hours. After this time, the item is wasted. All items can be thrown as a ranged touch attack (unless otherwise noted) with a range increment of 10 feet, and grant you a +1 bonus on the attack roll as if the item was masterwork (regardless of the cauldron’s rating), and have a critical multiplier of x2. The craft DC to make each item is 10 + 2*total level. The baseline DC for any effects that require a DC is 15, unless noted otherwise.

Below are some standard recipes, though new recipes can be created.

+1 Recipes

  • Acid: This object causes D6 points of acid damage on a direct hit. Cannot stack with Base
  • Base: Against normal creatures, this object deals D3 points of damage as if from acid. Against Oozes and other acid-based creatures, it instead deals D6 damage. This ignores acid resistance and immunity. Cannot stack with Acid.
  • Alchemical Fire: This object causes D6 points of Fire damage on a direct hit. Cannot stack with Liquid Ice. On a direct hit, the creature must pass a reflex save or catch fire.
  • Liquid Ice: This object causes D6 points of Cold damage on a direct hit. Cannot stack with Alchemical Fire
  • Healing: This object heals D8 points of damage. Highly Unstable. Must be drank, not thrown. May not be combined with anything but other healing effects unless stated otherwise.
  • Entangling: The target is Entangled, and must pass a reflex save or be glued to the floor, as a tanglefoot bag. All the details of tangleoot bag applies. If combined with Splash, all creatures within 5 feet must pass a reflex save at -2 DC or be entangled, but they cannot be glued to the floor. If mixed with persisting, the square the target was in (or all squares affected by splash) count as being affected by the Entangle spell for 2 additional rounds at -2 DC.
  • Thunderstone: This functions as a thunderstone effect in all ways.
  • Fatiguing: On a direct hit, the target is fatigued for 1 minute.
  • Nauseating: On a direct hit, the target is nauseated for 1 round. If mixed with splash, all creatures within 5 feet must save at -2 DC or be sickened for 1 round.
  • Splash: When combined with any recipe that deals damage, any creature within 5 feet of the target (including the target himself should the attack miss) takes 1 point of damage per die rolled of the specified type. Other effects that can have splash applied will mention it’s effects specifically. Note that if mixed into a combined recipe where some things can splash and others can’t, only those that can splash splash.
  • Volatile: The critical multiplier is increased by 1, but the object becomes Highly Unstable. This can be taken multiple times and stacks, to a max of x4.
  • Explosive: The critical threat range is increased by 1, but the object becomes Highly Unstable. This can be taken multiple times, and stacks to a “maximum” of 18-20.
  • Persisting: When mixed with an ability that deals damage, the target square (or all squares affected by splash) remain coated in the alchemical substance for 2 rounds, dealing half damage to any creatures in them.
  • Lingering: When mixed with an ability that deals damage, the creature takes Bleed damage of that type equal to 1 point per damage die in the effect for 1 minute. This stacks, but the bleed is removed if the creature takes damage of an opposite type (i.e. 1 point of Cold damage ends any Fire bleed).
  • Potent: The DC of the effect is increased by 2. This stacks.
  • Poison: You may make any poison with a DC of 15 or less that you have encountered before (i.e. you need to know the poison exists). If stacked with Potent, you may make any poison up to the DC used. Contact poisons or Inhaled poisons may be combined with Splash, in which case they spread in a 5 foot radius burst from the target square. Contact or Inhaled poisons may be mixed with persisting, in which case either the target’s square or all the squares affected by splash can afflict the poison for 2 rounds at -2 DC. Any poison may be mixed with Lingering, in which case the poison requires an additional consecutive save to shake off.

+2 Recipes

  • Burst: When added to any effect that causes damage, it can Burst, as the weapon quality. If combined with splash, all creatures that take splash damage take an additional point of damage if the Burst applies to the primary target.
  • Ability Score* Pick one ability score when choosing this upgrade. This item must be drunk, and provides a +2 enhancement bonus to that ability score for 1 minute after being drunk. Highly Unstable. This can stack with itself, up to a maximum of +6 to a single score. You may purchase this upgrade multiple times, each time allowing you to enhance a different ability score. May only be mixed with abilities that mix with Healing.
  • Invisibility: This potion must be drank, not thrown. When consumed, the drinker becomes Invisible (as Greater Invisibility) for 1 minute. May only be mixed with abilities that mix with Healing.
  • Exhausting: Must be mixed with Fatigue, or else only causes Fatigue. Causes exhaustion on a direct hit for 1 minute.

Requirements Alchemical Genius or Craft Wondrous Items or Craft Magic Arms and Armor (any one of the three), 5 ranks in Craft (Alchemy); Cost: 2,500 GP


Alchemist's Cauldron

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