Bracers of Vitriolic Mist


Aura: Moderate Evocation
CL: 8th
Slot: Wrists
Price: 5150 GP
Weight: 1lb (for medium)

These green dragonhide bracers emit a faint green vapor when worn. This functions as Vitriolic Mist, however, only the defensive ability is constantly activated. Additionally, if the damage, before halving, is 5 or less, the bracers completely negate the damage (rather than halving it). The offensive ability can be activated as a Move Action for up to 10 rounds per day. These rounds need not be consecutive. The bracers themselves are immune to acid (as dragonhide armors made from a green dragon), but they do not bestow this immunity on you. If desired, the defensive power can be stopped and started as a Standard Action. The vapor is odorless and thin enough not to effect the wearer’s senses, nor does it provide any bonuses or penalties to opponent’s perception.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Vitriolic Mist. Must have scraps of green dragon hide to make the bracers.
Cost: 2500 + 150 GP for the bracers


Bracers of Vitriolic Mist

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