Dryad's Sacrifice


Dryad’s Sacrifice

Aura Moderate Conjuration, Evocation, and Transmutation; CL 8th
Slot none; Price 14,000 gp; Weight 4lbs.

This long greenwood staff is made from a branch of the tree of the dryad that crafted if. It can be used as a +1 Greenwood Staff (as quarterstaff, but single-ended) in combat. Despite being a magical staff, it is a valid target for Shillelagh, though only the damage dice increase applies. It has the following spells:

Additionally, the wielder of the staff may expend one or more charges to, as a full round action spent firmly striking the ground with the staff, scatter spores and seedlings infused with positive energy that rapidly take root and grow in a 20 foot radius burst surrounding the caster, growing on any natural surfaces that can sustain them (in general, the plant life matches local vegetation, so this will work in a desert, but not on lava despite nominally being a natural surface). These plants actively impede evil creatures, as an entangle spell (as if cast by the user). Additionally, the plants are protected as by Hallow for the duration, and hedge out non-sentient evil creatures (such as mindless undead, Taint mist, etc), similar to an Antilife shell. The duration of all these effects is one hour per charge expended.

When held by a druid, a ranger with a caster level, or any fey creature, the staff emits a faint greenish glow approximately as bright as a candle. As a standard action, such a creature may speak one of 3 command words to suppress the light, return the light to candle-strength, or to glow as bright as a torch (the latter command word may be spoken as part of the full round action to use the entangle effect). Any light effect ends immediately if the staff is put down, and the staff reverts to it’s candle-strength glow when picked back up.

Finally, a druid, a ranger with a caster level, or any fey creature may temporarily impart some of his life energy into the staff to recharge it. The caster takes a negative level for 24 hours (no save), but immediately restores 1 charge to the staff. If a caster already has a negative level from using this ability (but not other sources), subsequent negative levels stack and last for 24 hours after the previous such negative level ends. For example, a druid who uses this ability 3 times in rapid succession would suffer from 3 negative levels for 1 day, 2 negative levels the next, and 1 negative level the following day, before recovering completely.

Requirements Craft Staff, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Goodberry, Wood Shape, Plant Growth,
Grove of Respite, Cure Serious Wounds, Hallow, Entangle. Creator must be a dryad.; Cost: 7,000 GP


Dryad's Sacrifice

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