Dryad's Seed


Dryad’s Seed

Aura Special Divination and Conjuration (see below); CL Special (see below)
Slot none; Price N/A; Weight 0 lbs.


This large, nearly gold colored, acorn feels warm to the touch as if it has been sitting in the sun, even on the coldest day, and pulses slightly as if with a heartbeat. Typically given by dryads to a lover or chosen champion, the seed is tied to the dryad that gave it. It reflects her state, appearing cracked or damaged if she is hurt, though it can survive for approximately one year after the parent dryad’s death. If the seed itself destroyed, the parent dryad and her tree both wither and die rapidly. However, despite it’s fragile appearance, the seed is a magic item in its own right, and is difficult to destroy (it uses the parent dryad’s base save modifiers (recorded at the time the seed was plucked) any time a save is called for, so typically the seed will not be destroyed by accident and will be difficult to destroy even on purpose).

The seed may only be created by a willing dryad (a process that takes a few seconds). If a dryad is forced or compelled to pick the seed, it withers and dies within moments (with no harm to the parent dryad or her tree). A dryad can create only one such seed per thousand years, and cannot create a seed until she has been bonded to her tree for at least that long.

If planted in any natural soil (including even the most arid sand), a grand tree of the same species as the parent dryad’s tree rapidly grows within a week, quickly enriching the local soil as needed to support a dryad’s grove. Within a week, a new, fully grown dryad, is born of the tree, and has most of the parent dryad’s memories up to the moment the seed was picked (but a distinct personality). Dryad’s prefer reproducing with other creatures, to allow their offspring to have a normal childhood and their own memories, but a dryad can reproduce alone in this manner if needed.

The bearer of a Dryad’s Seed can speak with plants as if affected by the Speak with Plants spell continuously. Additionally, any plant-based spells cast by the creature are cast at +1 CL and have their save DCs increased by +1 (as if affected by Spell Focus).

Note: The above description assumes an oak-dryad. Other dryads have different fruit or seeds, and the description changes accordingly.

The CL (and hence aura strength) equals the CL of the dryad at the time the seed was picked.

Requirements N/A. A dryad must willingly pluck this seed from her own tree; Cost: N/A


Dryad's Seed

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