Everfull Quiver


Everfull Quiver

Aura: Moderate Conjuration
CL: 11th
Slot: —
Price: 2500GP
Weight: 2lbs


This quiver is decorated with images of geese in flight over a field of trees, and is obviously not a normal quiver. This functions as a Efficient Quiver. However, it has 4 compartments rather than three. The first three compartments function identically to those on an Efficient Quiver. The 4th compartment appears empty, and any attempt to put an item into it results in the item appearing on one of the other compartments instead (if all that can fit the item are full, you find it impossible to put an item in). However, up to 50 times per day (so in general not worth keeping track of unless you have a very busy day), any character may draw a single arrow or bolt (character’s choice), sized appropriately for them, out of the compartment as a free action. The arrow or bolt drawn is completely mundane, with no special properties or materials. The arrows drawn disappear 24 hours after they are removed from the quiver, though missed shots may be recovered as normal and reused within that time period. The arrows and bolts are all clearly marked, as with a visible Arcane Mark (though only the item’s creator may use Instant Summons to summon the arrows or bolts), and thus shopkeepers are exceedingly unlikely to buy them from you. Anyone wearing the quiver may, as a free action, determine how many arrows or bolts can yet be drawn from the 4th compartment.

If the arrow pouch (of the efficient quiver) contains at least 20 arrows or bolts made of the same special material, arrows or bolts of that special material may be drawn from the 4th compartment, although they “cost” more arrows to draw.

Silver, Mithral, or Cold Iron Counts as 5 arrows
Adamantine Counts as 25 arrows

Finally, after the 50th arrow has been drawn in a day, a character wearing the Everfull Quiver may, as a Full-Round action, cause it to refill again (as if none of the arrows had been drawn from the 4th compartment). However, once this is done, the 4th compartment no longer regenerates arrows, and once the last arrow is drawn, it is sealed permanently, leaving you with an item that functions identically to an Efficient Quiver. The special powers can be restored by anyone capable of crafting Wondrous Items, using the same rules as if creating the item from scratch, though they treat the cost as one half the normal cost (i.e. 625 GP)


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Secret Chest, Arcane Mark
Cost: 1250 GP


Everfull Quiver

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