New Rings


Ring of Sleeplessness

Aura: Faint Enchantment
Slot: Ring
Price: 1,000 GP
Weight: —

This slender silver ring set with a moonstone allows the wearer to sleep for only 2 hours to gain the benefit of 8 hours of rest. This allows a spellcaster that requires rest to prepare spells to do so after only 2 hours, but this does not allow a spellcaster to prepare spells more than once per day. Despite its name, this also works on creatures such as elves that do not sleep, and the amount of time they must rest is one quarter of their expected rest time. This ring must be worn for 3 full days before its magic takes effect, and if it is removed, the wearer must wear it for another 3 days to re-attune himself. 

Requirements: Forge Ring, Sleep; Cost: 500 GP

Ring of Insomnia (Cursed)

This ring appears to be a normal Ring of Sleeplessness, and the first night after the 3 day attunement process, it even works as one. After that first night, however, the moonstone turns inky black and it prevents the wearer from sleeping more than 2 hours. As with the Ring of Sleeplessness, this affects creatures such as elves that do not sleep but do require rest, and it prevents them from resting for more than 1/4th of their expected time. This will prevent arcane casters from preparing spells, and even Divine Casters must pass a spellcraft check (DC 10+number of days the ring has been worn, including the attunement process) in order to prepare spells. Once put on, the ring cannot be removed until Remove curse (or similar magic) is cast on the recipient. The moonstone reverts to its pearly white immediately upon being removed. Creatures that do not need rest (such as Plant creatures) suffer no ill effect from this ring, and may freely remove it. 

Ring of Hunger and Thirst (Cursed)

This ring appears to be a ring of sustenance. However, it works exactly like a Ring of Insomnia (though it affects creatures with no need of rest normally and they cannot remove it freely), with the added curse of the wearer being continuously afflicted by the spells Feast of Ashes and Cup of Dust. Even after the ring is removed, these two spells continue to affect the creature for 2D6 days (roll separately for each effect) unless they are removed individually as well. 

General Ring Notes

Should a character wear both either a Ring of Sleeplessness or Ring of Sustenance and either a Ring of Insomnia or Ring of Hunger and Thirst at the same time, the character may sleep normally (in effect, a Ring of Sleeplessness counters the sleep effect). Likewise, the Ring of Sustenance counters the additional curses of the Ring of Hunger and Thirst, allowing the character to eat and drink normally (once properly attuned, in all cases). However, while a character is wearing both a Ring of Sleeplessness or Ring of Sustenance and Ring of Insomnia or Ring of Hunger and Thirst, they hear a constant high-pitched whine as the magic of the rings continually vie for control. Although this does not have any game effect, it is annoying and would cause the character to be slightly more irritable than normal. This also applies to the Cannibal Ring in the APG, as if it was a Ring of Hunger and Thirst.


New Rings

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