Following is a list, by no means exhaustive, of Achievements. More will he added, both as I make them or, for hidden ones, as people achieve them.

Unless otherwise noted, Achievements that require a critical hit to unlock do NOT count Coup de Grace or other such automatic crits.

Unless otherwise noted, all effects count as extraordinary abilities (though some may require the use of a spell and thus still will not work properly in an Anti-Magic Field)

General Achievements

  • Angelic Survivor: You value the lives of your friends over your own safety.
    • Requirements: Be the sole conscious party member at any point in an encounter or similar situation (requires at least 4 people present in the party, including yourself), and ignore enemies to revive/awaken/stabilize at least half of the fallen.
    • Benefit: Once per day, you may Channel Positive Energy to heal living creatures, as a Good Cleric of level equal to your total HD (you may not choose to harm undead with this). This is a Supernatural effect and requires a standard action. This is not considered a Good act.
  • Animate Vine: Because sometimes Entangle is just too much
    • Requirements: Know the spell Entangle. Attempt to use Entangle to a lesser effect at least twice.
    • Benefit: Immediately add the following spell to your list of Spells Known, counting it as a level 0 spell, for whatever class you know Entangle from. If the class does not normally have level 0 spell slots, you instead gain this as a Spell Like Ability usable At Will, though it still requires the components to be supplied. If you prepare spells, you are able to automatically cast this spell as if it was prepared any time that you prepare Entangle. You may still prepare it separately if you wish.
    • Note: The long casting time and short range is to discourage but not prevent combat uses.

Animate Vine
School: Transmutation; Level: Special (see text) (Level 0)
Casting Time: 1 round
Components: V, S, -/DF
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area: Plants in a 5-foot cube
Duration: Special (see text)
Saving Throw: Reflex partial; see text; Spell Resistance: no

This spell causes plants in one 5-foot cube (aligned to grid, select an adjacent cube to the target corner) to trip, gag, or entangle a creature (or other object), at your choice. The entire creature (or object) must fit within the square selected, except for the Trip effect, which can be used on bipedal creatures up to Large size (but quadrupeds must fit entirely in the square). If you select trip, the spell’s duration is Instantaneous, ad the creature immediately falls prone if he fails the save. If gag, it lasts 10 min./level (D) and the character can leave the square without penalty but the gag is not removed. While successfully gagged, the character cannot speak or provide verbal components for spells. If you select entangle, the duration is 1 min./level (D), and the spell acts exactly like Entangle, albeit with a smaller area. A successful Reflex save allows the target to evade the trip, or to be able to speak enough to cast spells with a 50% chance of success if a verbal component is needed (50% chance of any given several seconds of speech being blocked). For the entangle effect, this acts exactly as entangle. A gag can be broken using the same Escape Artist or Strength checks as for the Entangle effect.

  • Beginner’s Luck: Sometimes it pays to be new at something.
    • Requirements: Pass a skill check (of at least DC 15) in a skill that you have no ranks in, soon after a character with at least 1 rank in the skill failed the same check. ((Meta: “soon after” means that it clearly has to be the same event. For example, if Character A has ranks in Heal and fails to stabilize someone, you have to succeed at stabilizing them before someone else does, so it must be from this injury, etc. Basically, it has to be a pretty clear case of person with ranks fails so person without shows them up))
    • Benefit: Gain an immediate, permanent rank in the skill in question.
  • Catfolk Companion:
    • Requirements: Catfolk Ranger
    • Benefit: Add large cats (tigers, lions) to the list of possible animal companions (why exactly do rangers not have that option?)
  • Critical Insight (Secret)
    • Requirements: Score a crit with a natural 20 (even if the weapon has a wider crit range), and confirm the crit with another natural 20.
    • Benefit: You gain the Anatomist trait, but only when wielding the the same general type of weapon that you used when you gained the achievement (for example, if you make the rolls with a Guisarme, you gain Anatomist when using any guisarmes. Composite bows are considered different from their non-composite forms, though all strength ratings of composite bows are considered equivalent). If you actually selected the Anatomist trait, this is considered to stack with that (giving you a net +2), though if you gain Anatomist in some manner other than at character creation, this (most likely) will not stack (though there may be case-by-case exceptions)
    • Special: You may gain this achievement multiple times, but only once with any specific kind of weapon. Should you roll this again with a weapon you have already earned this for, you gain no additional benefit (other than bragging rights). NOTE: The DM reserves the right to reverse that decision and grant you something if this happens much more rarely than the 1-in-400-attacks that statistics suggests.
  • Critical What?: You always cause damage… if you hit.
    • Requirements: Deal 0 damage with a critical hit (either due to Damage Reduction, Hardness, Energy Resistance or Immunity, or the like).
    • Benefit: Whenever you hit with an attack that causes damage, you are guaranteed to deal at least 1 damage, even if it would be reduced to less than 1 by Damage Reduction, Hardness, Energy Resistance or Immunity, or the like. Additionally, if your damage is reduced to below 0 due to low strength or similar, you deal 1 point of lethal damage rather than nonlethal damage.
  • Corruptor: “Follow me, for I know the true path.”
    • Requirements: Be the main factor in causing a character who CAN lose their class abilities (such as a Paladin or Druid) to lose their class abilities.
    • Benefit: Once per month, you may cast Atonement as a spell-like ability, but only in the Redemption or Temptation form.
  • Dedicated Herbalist: You are dedicated to the arts of magical and herbal healing.
    • Requirements: Stabilize 10 dying characters using the Herbalist achievement.
    • Benefit: As Herbalist , except you may use Maximize Spell for a DC 30+Double Spell Level Heal Check. If both are used in conjunction with one another, you increase the casting time twice (a standard action spell therefore takes 2 full round actions) and make both heal checks.
  • Demonic Survivor: When your companions fall, compassion turns to rage….
    • Requirements: Be the sole conscious party member at any point in an encounter or similar situation (requires at least 4 people present in the party including yourself), and ignore your fallen comrades to incapacitate at least half of the remaining enemies.
    • Benefit: Once per day, you may Channel Negative energy to harm living creatures, as a Evil Cleric of level equal to your total HD (you may not choose to heal undead with this). This is a Supernatural effect, and requires a standard action. This is not considered an Evil act.
  • Dodge This: Bows are even more deadly up close!
    • Requirements: Score a critical hit with a ranged attack (projectile or thrown weapon, ranged spell, etc) while in a square threatened by your target (usually adjacent).
    • Benefit: You may make ranged attacks while adjacent to enemies without provoking Attacks of Opportunity (note that casting spells while adjacent to enemies still provokes, but the ranged attack part of the spell does not, so if you cast defensively, you can do so without provoking even for the ranged attack).
  • Eyes In The Dark: You have grown accustomed to the darkness of the forest.
    • Requirements: Spend one continuous month in the forest.
    • Benefit: You gain Low-light vision (can see twice as far as a human in low light) as an extraordinary ability, or double the range of your existing low-light vision.
  • Ghost Sight: Everything seems different since you died…
    • Requirements: Die and be revived in some manner.
    • Benefit: Gain Ghost Sight as a bonus trait.
  • Herbalist: You mix magical and nonmagical healing to great effect.
    • Requirement: Stabilize 10 characters with a standard Heal check despite having a spell that could heal or stabilize them prepared (or known with sufficient spell slots to cast it)
    • Benefit: You are able to combine magical and herbal healing to great effect. You may increase the casting time of one of your spells that will heal damage (see rules for sorcerers applying metamagic), and make a Heal check (Dc 20 + double spell level) against an adjacent target. If the Healing Check fails, you heal damage as normal. However, if the check passes, the healing spell acts as if affected by the Empower Spell metamagic feat. Note: Athough this may be used with Mass spells, the extra healing applies only to adjacent targets.
  • Impossible Odds: Luck favors the foolish.
    • Requirements: Hit and damage an enemy with an attack, when you can only hit because of the “natural 20 always hits” rule (i.e. their targeted AC is OVER 20 higher than your attack modifier, so even a 20 would miss but for that rule).
    • Benefit: You may re-roll one Attack roll per day. You must decide to use this before the DM announces if the attack hits or misses, and must abide by the second result, even if it is worse.
  • Learn Language: After weeks of study, you learn a new language.
    • Requirements: Be taught a language by another character.
    • Benefit: After an appropriate time period (at least a week, probably around a month, far shorter than realism indicates but near the upper extreme of our ability to stand it in a game setting), you learn the language without having to take a rank in linguistics.
  • On A Roll: You can score many critical hits in a row.
    • Requirements: Score at least 2 critical hits in one round (either by having multiple attacks, or using an Attack of Opportunity, etc). Metagame note: If one crit is an attack of opportunity, 1 round goes until just before the initiative at which you achieved the critical hit.
    • Benefit: Gain a +5 circumstance bonus to confirm a critical hit, whenever you score a critical hit, for one round. Unlike normal circumstance bonuses from the same source, this bonus stacks if the duration overlaps.
  • Phoenix Reborn: You rise from the ashes without harm.
    • Requirements: Be killed by Fire damage (Fire Damage must cause your death, not “bleeding out” due to Fire Damage) and then be revived (in any manner).
    • Benefit: You no longer take negative levels when revived (including this revival). Although a Supernatural effect, the fact that the revival almost certainly requires a spell makes it unlikely to matter.
  • Plain Dumb Luck: Sometimes luck is as important as skill.
    • Requirement: Pass a skill check (of at least DC 20) in a skill that you have no ranks in by rolling a natural 20. ((I know that 20 doesn’t pass skill checks, but you have to ROLL a 20 to activate this))
    • Benefit: Gain an immediate, permanent rank in the skill in question.
  • Resilient Fortitude: You are incredibly resilient. (Secret)
    • Requirements: Roll a natural 20 on 2 consecutive fortitude saves (saves must be taken within approximately 1 game-hour of each other to count. Some fudge factor allowed. Time limit primarily to make book keeping easier.)
    • Benefit: You gain the Resilient trait.
    • Special: If you happen to do this again, there may be some chance at upgrading perhaps to the Great Fortitude feat or something, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
  • Revenge Killing: You bear a grudge against an entire species.
    • Requirements: Kill a foe that has slain a party member or important (in general: named) NPC with a critical hit (may be CDG).
    • Gain Favored Enemy against monsters of that type (see Ranger entry for details). If you already have Favored Enemy (either from this achievement, being a Ranger, or any other means), add +1 to your Favored Enemy for that creature type (if a creature falls into more than one category, choose one when you gain this achievement).
  • Wet Noodle: You’ve missed for the last time!
    • Requirements: Roll at least 2 natural ones on attack rolls in a single round (see On A Roll for circumstances)
    • Benefit: You no longer automatically miss when you roll a 1 on an attack roll. However, you must still beat the target’s AC as normal, and you deal only half damage if you manage to hit with a 1.

Video Game Achievements

Zelda Achievements

  • Bomb Bag:
    • Requirements: Fill a Bag of Holding to capacity with explosive devices, and use at least one in an encounter
    • Benefit: You may retrieve explosives as a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You may even draw them from a bag of holding or other extradimensional space as a free action, providing the Bag of Holding contains only explosives (this precludes multiple levels of extradimensional space). For the purposes of this achievement, explosives means something that actually can explode. Acid Flasks don’t count (they shatter). You’d need to actually craft some bombs (which should be a fairly trivial Alchemical procedure)
    • NOTE: … that almost should be a general rule (at least, pulling out as a move action like a normal pack). If a BOH is full completely with identical items, why does it take longer to pull one out? Any one will do, there is no searching.
  • BoomerangDo-do-do-doooo!
    • Requirements: Utilize a Returning Boomerang in an encounter
    • Benefit: You may pick up small items (potion bottles, gems, coins, etc) with your boomerang (requiring a ranged touch attack against the target), and may attempt to perform the Disarm combat maneuver at range using your boomerang. 
    • Special: You lose access to this achievement and any achievements that use it as a prerequisite while the boomerang is not in your possession (waiting for it to return after being thrown counts as in your possession, so long as no other creature is holding it)
  • Din’s Fire:
    • Requirements: Cast fireball centered on your square (may be cast from a scroll, wand, etc) and hit at least one enemy with it. Variant fireball spells (Delayed Blast, Meteor Swarm) work, but the center of the spell must be on a corner of your square when the spell “activates” (so no running away)
    • Benefit: you count as having improved evasion against any Instantaneous Burst or Spread spells you cast (including while under mind controlling spells).
    • NOTE: I am not 100% sure if that set of spells is the subset I want. It may be expanded. I’m basically aiming for “all non-cone area spells that are not shapeable and are entirely finished within 1 round”. i THINK that suffices, but it might not.
  • Epona’s Song:
    • Requirements: Train an animal to Come (the trick), and then train them in Come again (as with fully unlocking Attack, this takes 2 tricks).
    • Benefit: Once per day, as a full-round action, you may call any creature you have taught the Come trick to twice, using a musical instrument (which may be a signal whistle) to your side from any distance (as a Paladin calls their special mount), so long as both you and the animal are outside (and above ground) in a natural environment. The animal may negate the calling if unwilling to come (animals are willing by default, but with spells like Awaken on the table, it is possible for animals to become fully sentient and thus have advanced reasoning capabilities). This works even on unconscious animals (always willing regardless of int) or animals that have ceased being animals due to spells, but not on dead animals. You cannot Call an animal to an area that it cannot reasonably survive with adequate comfort (no calling a trained shark into the middle of the forest – even if you have a bag of holding full of water for it - or a trained fresh water fish into the ocean, or a horse into mid air). 
    • Special: If all animals you have trained to Come (twice) are slain, you lose access to this achievement and any achievements based on it until you train another (or revive one of those slain). 
    • NOTE: It is required that you actually train the animal, not simply have someone else train it for you. Not entirely Zelda-y, but, but oh well. 
    • NOTE 2: I have no problem with a sorcerer/wizard/witch teaching their Familiar tricks, even though they are magical beasts. This is mostly because I dislike order-of-application mattering, and I can envision, for example, training a normal animal to Come, THEN gaining the first familiar-granting level and selecting the animal as the familiar, so I want any order to “just work”. Most tricks are irrelevant since familiars are intelligent, but this is still potentially useful.
    • NOTE 3: This is once per day, not once per animal per day! I.e. the counter is on the character, not the animal (see metamagic rods for problems when the counter is on the wrong object!)
    • NOTE 4: I have no problem with animals being “trained” to forget a pre-existing trick (in general, this would take 2 weeks but no check, though you must be trained in the trick). HOWEVER, you cannot forget a trick that you learned within, say, a month (that time is fuzzy and may be drastically shortened depending on leveling rate). 
    • NOTE 5: Extra tricks granted to animal companions count
    • NOTE 6: This stacks with a paladin’s special mount ability, effectively giving him one more use of the ability per day (although this use has slightly more restrictions, namely no call-to-auto-death-location). 
    • NOTE 7: That’s a lot of notes!
  • Hookshot:
    • Requirements: Fashion a hookshot out of a ranged piercing weapon and some rope in an encounter.
    • Benefit: You may use the Drag Combat Maneuver at range (by using the above method), and, given soft enough surfaces (like wood or very thick plants) can use your improvised hookshot like a grappling hook, to either climb or swing across a chasm. Doing so is dangerous, however. For every 10 pounds over 150 lbs of weight on the rope, there is a 5% chance that the arrow/bolt will snap or come dislodged, up to a maximum of 95%
  • Kokiri Tunic:
    • Requirements: Wear a Tunic of Storing (see below)
    • Benefit: You may retrieve items that can be held in one hand as a free action, rather than a move action. 
    • Special: You lose access to this achievement and any achievements that use it as a prerequisite while the tunic is not worn.

Tunic of Storing
Price: 4000 GP, Weight: 10 lbs, Slot: Body

This fine green tunic has many pockets that are, in reality, extra dimensional space. A tunic has 5 pockets that can hold 30 lbs each, as a Handy Haversack
Aura, prereqs: As HH.
Crafting ideas: It’s seems like a pretty logical idea to me.

  • Light Arrows:
    • Requirement: Cast (or use) Daylight on an arrow or Bolt and use it to attack an enemy vulnerable to light
    • Benefit: Any time you cast Daylight on an arrow or bolt and use it to attack, the arrow strikes as a Sunbeam, using your level as the caster level. If your level would be insufficient to cast Sunbeam if you were a druid, it deals D6 damage per 3 levels (instead of 4D6) against normal targets. This can be used at most three times per day. 
  • Lens Of Truth:
    • Requirements: Utilize a Lens of Detection to notice something you could not have noticed without it
    • Benefit: You may use the lens as a Ring of X-Ray Vision once per day for up to one contiguous minute. 
    • Special: You lose access to this achievement and any achievements that use it as a prerequisite while the lens is not in your possession
  • Spin Attack:
    • Requirements: hit an enemy with 4 or more melee weapon attacks in one round
    • Benefit: Once per day, you may utilize Whirlwind Attack (as the feat, ignoring prerequisites).
    • Special: If you actually have the Whirlwind Attack feat, you may increase your reach by 5 feet once per day while using Whirlwind Attack.
    • Pro Tip: If you aren’t a melee class, double weapons and Haste and KOd enemies are your friend!
  • Zora’s Scale:
    • Requirements: Utilize a Black or Bronze Dragon’s scale enchanted with Water Breathing, and dive to a depth of at least 50 feet while using it
    • Benefit: while worn, you may swim with a swim speed equal to your base land speed and are treated as if you had the aquatic subtype when in water. 
    • Special: You lose access to this achievement and any achievements that use it as a prerequisite while the scale is not worn.
    • NOTE: THe scale may be worked into almost any slotted item (on armor, an amulet, etc).Of course, dragonhide armor so enchanted counts
    • NOTE 2: WTF? Why aren’t blue dragons water?
  • Hero Of Time:
    • Requirements: Gain the following Achievements: Bomb Bag, Boomerang, Din’s Fire, Epona’s Song, Kokiri Tunic, Hookshot, Lens of Truth, Light Arrows, Spin Attack, Zora’s Scale
    • Benefit: Once per day, you may use Time Stop as a spell-like ability. You may even use this as an immediate action upon being reduced to -1 HP or less (even if killed). You may not act for the duration of the timestop if used in this way, but you recover hp as if you had received bed rest for a full day (this does not count as resting for any other purposes). If you are at 0 or higher HP after this healing, you may stand up from prone as a free action without provoking an AOO as the spell ends. If this saves you from death, you take a negative level for 1 day (see note @ Touch of Life)
    • NOTE: If used when you are reduced to -1 or less HP, it MUST be used at the transition from positive to negative HP. That is, if you are reduced to -3 HP and do not use it, you may NOT then activate it if hit again for 10 damage (unless you are first brought above 0 HP). In other words; this needs to be used at the point of going negative, not sometime later.

Character Achievements:

  • Merfolk Tail: You swim with the grace — and tail — of a merfolk..
    • Requirements: Be chosen by the Elder Water Elemental in Merfolk Village (he can grant this once per month)
    • Benefit: You may transform your legs (waist down) into the form of a merfolk. You gain a 50 foot swim speed, but your land speed drops to 5 feet. Any footwear that enhances speed (such as boots of striding and springing) enhance swim speed instead while this effect is active. Some other abilities (such as a Barbarian’s Fast Movement) may also transfer over to swim speed instead, at the DM’s discretion. You may breathe air or water freely while this is active, but you do not lose any form-based abilities (such as LLV or DV) like you would with a normal polymorph effect, and you retain your size and ability scores. Similar to the Shapechange ability, the form of the tail is always identical across transforms (though you by no means gain the Shapechanger subtype!). Transforming is a standard action. Transforming in the water does not provoke an attack of opportunity, but on land it does since you have to significantly reorient yourself (effectively stand up from prone). You may “defer” transforms slightly if you wish, to allow something like transforming as you step into or out of water in the middle of a move action (this still “costs” a standard action which must be spent in the same round, though it would not provoke in this case). You may use this ability at will. Additionally, Swim is considered a class skill for you regardless of whether you are transformed or not (though remember that while you have a swim speed, you need not make swim checks to move). This is a polymorph effect, though any other polymorph effects take precedence over this one (i.e. you do not get the usual ability to pick and choose which polymorph spell effects you).

Character Achievements:

  • Abyssal Power: The blood of the abyss flows through your veins, granting you superior combat abilities.
    • Requirements: Sorcerer with Abyssal Bloodline, DM Discretion / By Story (Note: This can be easily “skinned” for other melee-oriented bloodlines with a simple s/Abyssal/Foo/ig)
    • Benefit: Your HD (and BAB) for your Sorcerer levels are immediately improved to D8. Your existing HP rolls are converted up by the following formula: round(Roll/0.75). Note that you round mathematically, not always down. All future levels of Sorcerer use D8 BAB, as do any Prestige Classes that use prerequisites from your Sorcerer Levels (unless they give better HD), but other classes are unaffected
  • Alchemical Genius: Creating alchemical substances comes naturally to you. Even if you do not fully understand what you are doing, you can craft alchemical substances quickly and easily.
    • Requirements: Witch, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: You immediately gain Master Alchemist as a bonus feat. You also count as having Craft Wondrous Items for the purposes of crafting Cauldrons. Additionally, you may concoct new alchemical items by working with the DM. In general, replicating spells that you know (similar to potions but with fewer restrictions) is a good place to start.
  • Control Fire You have a rudimentary ability to control flames.
    • Requirements: Elemental Fury, DM Discretion / By Story
      • Benefit: As a full-round action, you can concentrate to control up to 1 10-foot cube of fire per level, within 100 feet of you. These cubes need not be contiguous. You can cause the fires to move slowly (either moving it 5 feet per round, or expanding it into one additional five-foot cube per round), or to burn either 50% more or less intense. You can also sustain fire without a fuel source, though not in environments that are naturally extinguishing (such as under water). Each round that you use this power, you must pass a DC 15 Will Save or become fatigued. Each round that you use this power within an hour of using it previously increases the DC by 2 (for example, the first round is DC 15, the second 17, the third 19, and so on). If already fatigued, the DC is increased by 5, and it causes exhaustion instead. This ability cannot be used while exhausted. You may concentrate as a Standard Action instead of a Full-Round action by accepting a -4 penalty on your save, or as a move action by taking a -8 penalty.
  • Elemental Fury: You channel your anger into a blade of flame with which to smite your foes.
    • Requirements: Capable of casting Flame Blade, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: You may conjure a Flame Blade (using your highest caster level capable of casting Flame Blade as its caster level) as a supernatural ability, as a free action. The blade lasts indefinitely while you are conscious and trying to hold the blade (that is, if an effect stipulates that you drop everything held, the blade disappears), though it can be dismissed as a free action. The easiest way to think of this is as if you had a magic item that mimics Flame Blade, stored in a Glove of Storing. You may conjure only a single blade (even if you have Two-Weapon Fighting or similar abilities) at a time. This can be dispelled as if it were the spell Flame Blade cast at your caster level, though it is not subject to counterspelling. As a supernatural ability, this does not provoke an attack of opportunity. However, as a free action, it can only be conjured (or dismissed) on your turn.
  • Freedom!
    • Requirements: Catfolk from the City, released Into the Wild, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: Gain Freed Slave and Freedom Fighter as bonus traits immediately.
  • Force Claws:
    • Requirements: Catfolk Ranger, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: You can sprout or stow claws of Force once per round as a free action. These are treated as natural weapons, allowing you to make two claw attacks as a full attack action using your base full attack bonus. These attacks deal 1D6 Force damage, plus your strength modifier. Although made of force, the claws are somewhat awkward and limit your mobility. You cannot use your claws effectively if anything is held in your hand (you take a -4 penalty on attack rolls made with your claws per 5 pounds the held object weighs), and they get in the way when using your hands for fine manipulation (you take a -4 penalty on attack rolls, or rolls requiring fine manipulation such as disable device or sleight of hand, and have a 10% chance of losing any spell with Somatic components cast while they are out, just as if from Arcane Spell Failure for armor, and add only half the Shield Bonus for any held shield (min +1)). This is a supernatural ability, and cannot be used in areas of antimagic.
    • Note: Gloves and gauntlets do not count as “held” items – the forceclaws work with them as normal.
  • Mystic Healer: You channel the energy of the land itself to heal your allies and harm your unnatural foes.
    • Requirements: Shugenja, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: You may Channel Energy, as a cleric of level equal to your Shugenja level. Additionally, you count as having the Elemental Channel feat for your favored element, but may never select Elemental Channel for your opposition element.
  • Natural Empathy: The blood of the fey sings in your veins, granting you a special connection to nature rivaled only by druids.
    • Requirements: Sorcerer with Fey Bloodline, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: You gain the ability to use Wild Empathy as a druid of level equal to your sorcerer level. Additionally, you may convert one sorcerer spell to a Summon Nature’s Ally spell of the same level (or lower if you wanted…) once per day per Summon Nature’s Ally spell. For example, a level 5 sorcerer can cast Summon Nature’s Ally I once per day using a level 1 spell slot, and Summon Nature’s Ally II once per day using a level 2 spell slot. Note that you can only use, for example, Summon Nature’s Ally I once per day, but you could add metamagic to it and so use it and SNA II, both as level 2 spells. But the once/day is counted on the SNA# spell, not the spell level. Obviously, since this uses your spell slots, you have to have appropriate spell slots available!
  • Touch of Life: Your very touch can bring back the dead.
    • Requirements; Paladin, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: Once per day, you may expend 2 uses of Lay on Hands to revive a recently slain character. This may be used only on a character who has been slain within one round. Aside from the amount of damage healed (which is identical to the healing from Lay on Hands), this otherwise functions as Breath of Life. This is a supernatural ability.
    • Special: If you only have one usage of Lay on Hands left, you may draw upon inner reserves of strength to utilize this anyway. In this case, it still heals the same amount, but you take an amount of damage equal to half the amount that was healed (regardless of whether the healing is sufficient to revive the fallen) and both you and the target take a negative level for 1 day (your negative level is regardless of whether the target is revived). Again: This is only an option if you only have one usage of Lay on Hands left, you cannot opt into it at any other time.
    • RULE NOTE: Breath of Life stipulates that if the healing brings the target to above their negative con score, it revive. It then states that the target takes a negative level, which has the side effect of causing 5 damage (it lowers max and current HP by 5). This effectively means that, RAW, you would have to bring someone to above (-con+5) to revive them. I do not believe that that was the intent. As such, although the negative level caused by this will reduce maximum HP, it will NOT reduce current HP (the same goes for Breath of Life). If the user of this ability takes a negative level, that will cause immediate damage, however, above and beyond the damage caused by using the power.
  • Untouched by Gravity: Gravity seems to have a tenuous grip on you.
    • Requirements: Rogue, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: All jump-related Acrobatics checks halve their DC (this effectively allows you to make a standing jump at the listed DC). Additionally, re-baseline the speed modifiers to 20 feet (that is, +4 for every 10 feet faster than 20 feet). Finally, you fall at only half-speed when free-falling (divide all falling distances by half before applying the falling damage rules). Note that this only applies to “free-fall” conditions (including Reverse Gravity). If your falling speed is clamped by a spell (such as Feather Fall), this does not apply. At level 6, you may use the feat Spider Step (APG) a number of times per day equal to your total HD divided by 4, as if you were a monk of level equal to your rogue level if you meet the other prerequisites (Acrobatics and Climb 6 ranks each). At 12th level, you may instead use Cloud Step, as a monk of level equal to your HD. Note that both uses work against the same counter. (In both cases, your “effective” slow-fall distance is exactly as expected for a monk)
    • NOTE: For player sanity, gravity affects you as normal when standing on a solid surface (friction works as expected)

NPC Specific Achievements:

  • Dedicated NPC:
    • Requirements: NPC Class Levels, no PC Class Levels, DM Discretion / By Story
    • Benefit: You may select a NPC class as a favored class, and gain the campaign bonus feat as if you had PC levels. If you subsequently take PC levels, you may not trade your NPC levels for them in any manner (though you do not otherwise lose the bonuses granted by this achievement). Additionally, the DM may grant you a few class features from various classes that match your theme.


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