Character Creation

Base Stats: standard 4D6 drop low. In the interest of powerful characters, report those rolls to me, but if you have a stat of 5 or less (before racial mods), go ahead and roll 3D6 (not 4 drop low!) and decide if you want that or your low roll. Again, I want to KNOW if you had a low roll, so tell me! And I have not yet decided what to do if someone has appalling luck and gets 2 rolls of 5 or less….

Starting Equipment: Wilders: standard for level. Cityfolk: double standard level 1 for class, or by level. Nothing that even seems vaguelly magical (except holy symbols, spellbooks, or spell componnt pouches – I reserve the right to add to this list!). I want to go over everyone’s equip too, so don’t be mad if I say “sorry, you can’t start with a superior lock…”. As I get more guidelines, I’ll post em. Additionally, tell me roughly what you would want by level 4 or 5, around 6k in gear (in other words, I am really “faking” a high level start with accelerated XP. If this was a high-level start, you’d pick all your equipment. So, I’ll let you KINDA pick it!). Additionally, I would not suggest keeping change in coins. Not gonna do you much good in the forest! Finally, all cityfolk will be given a weeks worth of trail rations, a waterskin, a torch, flint, a dagger, and a sack to hold it all as your somewhat ironically named “survival kit” from the guards.

Traits: Everyone will get 3 traits, from either the PDF, my own homebrew Traits (WIP), or here. As usual, no more than one trait may be selected from any one list, and no two traits can grant the same or nearly the same bonus. In addition, characters may opt to take a homebrew negative trait in exchange for a fourth trait.

Bonus Feat: Every character may take a Skill Focus feat, or one of the feats like Animal Affinity that gives +2 to two skills, as a bonus feat at level 1. These must be cleared by the GM for flavor.

Bonus feats, achievements: to be detemined. Once I get a better feel for characters, I may let everyone choose a skill focus feat for free (or maybe grant it at level 2 or 4). This campaign is going to really highlight skill use, so I want to help in any way I can.

Character Creation

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