Knowledge and Magical Identification

It seems odd that a druid needs to push Knowledge (Arcana) to identify, say, Entangle’s aura. Ditto for a cleric and Cure Light Wounds. To that end, we are adopting the following houserule:

For things like Detect Magic that call for a Knowledge (Arcana) check to identify something derived from a spell, the following changes are used:

  • You may use Knowledge (Religion) instead, if the spell in question is on the Adept, Cleric/Oracle, Paladin, or Inquisitor spell list. These classes are highly religion-based and so knowledge of their spells naturally is covered by Knowledge (Religion)
  • You may use Knowledge (Nature) instead, if the spell in question is on the Druid or Ranger spell list. These classes are highly nature-based and so knowledge of their spells is naturally covered by Knowledge (Nature).
  • Knowledge (Arcana) may be used for ANY spells (though we are considering a penalty in the -3 to -5 range if the spell is not on ANY arcane spell list, unsure yet).
  • If a racial spell like ability or racial spell is cast by a creature that is covered by some specific knowledge, that knowledge may be used to identify that spell like ability. For example, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) covers Aberrations, and so K(Dungeoneering) can be used to identify the auras of spells cast by Driders (who have racial casting abilities and are aberrations).

Note: if a spell is only on, say, the Cleric spell list due to being a certain Domain (or only on the sorc list due to a certain bloodline), you do not count that unless you have the same bloodline/domain/whatever. (i.e. say that the Foo Domain cleric has Arcane Only Spell as a domain spell. A Bar Domain Cleric does not treat the spell as cleric, though another Foo Domain cleric does.

Note 2: It in general doesn’t matter if, say, a druid CAST a spell or not, if the spell IS on the druid list, K(Nat) MAY be used even if cast by a sorcerer in this case. This means we don’t have to ask who crafted a random item :)

Knowledge and Magical Identification

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