Mirror of Talking

These mirrors always come in pairs. Each is a little under 2 feet in height, and around a foot wide, decorated with a intricate silver frame studded with sapphires. When activated (by pushing the largest sapphire in), the mirror connects with its counterpart, allowing you to see and hear through the mirrors as if they were a window. Although line of sight can be drawn through the mirrors, line of effect cannot, and physical objects cannot pass through them unless another spell is used. When activated, the sapphires glow sufficiently to illuminate a person immediately in front of the mirror in strange blue light even in pitch dark locations. Pushing the gem to the left of the activation gem (relative to the mirror with the activation gem on top) suppresses this effect. The mirror also emits a chime, like a ringing hand bell, when it is “called” by its partner, until the gem on the right of the activation gem is pressed. If either gem is pressed when the mirror is not active, the appropriate effect (light or sound) is suppressed automatically when the mirror is called, until the gems are pressed again (they then pop back out like clicky pens).

So, in short, it has a light to catch attention or provide illumination to the “caller”, and can “ring”, but both or either can be suppressed. Note: The illumination is specifically NOT enough to see usefully in the dark, just enough that if used in the dark, the other person can see you.

Both mirrors must be on the same plane for the magic to work.

Unlike most magical items, these mirrors do not change size if their holder magically alters his own size, though magic that specifically targets the mirrors to change their size works as expected.

The mirrors are magically hardened against damage, and have hardness 10 and 10 hit points. Even a destroyed mirror can be painstakingly pieced back together using Make Whole. The magic is fully restored once repaired (though if even one shard of glass or gem is lost, nothing short of wish (to restore the lost piece) or similar can restore the power), regardless of caster levels.

Aura: Moderate Illusion

Mirror of Talking

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