Rule Hacking

I want to test the pathfinder rules, to see what is hackable… but there are some limits.

I do not want to hack things that we have a common sense understanding of. If a rule says you can make infinite quarterstaves in 0 time, that is fundamentally wrong and I’ll patch it (see Item Corner Cases). Basically, I want to hack the mechanics of the rules. I want to hack magic. I want to hack things where we do not have a clear cut understanding. Our intuition mostly fails on magic, but mostly holds on craft skills.

So, it is sort of wishy-washy, but basically: The rules that describe things that are not really possible in day to day life are most open to being hacked. Rules that represent something that we have a fundamental understanding of are more likely to be patched in the case of bad rules. Because, fundamentally, even if we think we know how magic should work, we don’t. We cannot have any real intuition on the subject, so one interpretation is as good as another. But or things we do have valid real-world intuition on, I’ll fix the rules.

So, hack magic. Hack some of the more random combat rules (the LIFO nature of AOOs and Readies doesn’t make any sense in our day to day lives, BUT are too fundamental to change, so they fall into the “intuition fails” category despite representing physical things we should have intuition about!). Just don’t hack physics. Or math. Things that we understand.

Rule Hacking

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