Aasimar Traits
  1. Absorb Wounds
  2. Calm Aura
  3. Undeath’s Bane
  4. Unflinching Gaze
  5. ???
Catfolk Traits
  1. Always Land On Your Feet
  2. Leopardfolk
  3. Nine Lives
  4. Scent
  5. ???
Elf Traits
  1. Disciplined Mind, Disciplined Body
  2. Elven Reflexes
  3. Latent Magic
  4. Observant
  5. ???
Half-Elf Traits
  1. Elvenkind
  2. Favorite Parent
  3. Mixed Heritage
  4. Natural Linguist
  5. ???
Halfling Traits
  1. Catchy Tune
  2. Master Chef
  3. Plucky
  4. Scrappy
  5. Strong Stomach
Half-Orc Traits
  1. Hard To Kill
  2. Mine’s Bigger
  3. Misunderstood
  4. Tusks
  5. ???
Miscellaneous Traits
  1. Divining Touch
  2. Prestidigi-Whoops!
  3. Tailor Made
  4. Tall/Short/Thin/Fat
NPC Traits
  1. Pureblood
Negative Traits
  1. Callous Exterior
  2. Clumsy
  3. Hemophilia
  4. Phobia
  5. Superstitious
  6. Unluck Curse

Ok, here are some racial traits. I may well make more. Ethan and Jacob especially (since I know you have more experience with gaming in general), please read all of them and give me thoughts. Also, for anyone who finds themselves torn between multiple traits (either here or from elsewhere), some food for thought. I will likely use Traits as achievement awards for doing things. If you find several traits you really like, first off, tell me which traits you like so I can keep that in mind. Second off, some traits are obviously more “starting-only” than others. It makes no sense for a half-elf to suddenly gain Favorite Parent later, for example. So, again, talk to me about your trait selection. If I know what you want, then it would make sense to pick the ones that you like that are implicitly “starting only, cannot gain later” and I’ll tailor scenarios to get you other ones you want.

NOTE: Racial traits do not go away if you are reincarnated into a different body, and never mind any attempt at making that work logically. There are enough of these that are functions of your soul, not your body, and I do not want to have to divide them up. So, they ALL persist through Reincarnation.


  1. Absorb Wounds: Your very touch can draw wounds from allies. However, your healing power comes at a price. As a standard action, you may touch a living creature and cure them of a number of damage up to half your HD (min 1). You take the same amount of damage as their wounds are transferred to you. You may not use this ability on a creature who has less damage than you (though a level 4 Aasimar could draw 2 damage from a creature with exactly equal to its damage, even though afterwards the Aasimar would have 4 more damage), nor may you draw sufficient damage to drop your HP below 1. This is a supernatural ability .
  2. Calm Aura: You radiate a sense of calm and tranquility. Those nearby often feel a sense of peaceful tranquility, and you can even stop the most vicious barbarian if you focus your latent power. Once per day, you may concentrate to radiate an aura of calm, as Calm Emotions, centered on you, and using your class level as the caster level. This is a supernatural ability that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You are not affected by this ability (though I suppose if you wanted to be, there is no reason not to let you opt in). Even when not active, this may provide a very minor calming effect for story reasons.
  3. Undeath’s Bane: Your very being is anathema to undead. The DC for undead to resist any spells or abilities you have that use positive energy (Cure spells, channel energy, etc) is increased by 1. Additionally, once per day, you may spend 1 hour in quiet prayer and meditation to consecrate an area or creature against the creation of undead. If focussed on a corpse, the body cannot be animated as an undead for 1 week. If used on an area, no undead may be created within 20 feet of where you were during your prayers (as if a 20 foot emanation was centered at your location). Either effect may have its duration increased to 1 month by pouring a vial holy water over the area or corpse. This effect does not work on exceptionally powerful undead like liches (rule of thumb: If they have your HD or less, it will probably work. If they have more than double, it probably won’t. In between? Depends.)
  4. Unflinching Gaze: You have an almost unnervingly intense stare, and can stare down all but the most determined foes. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Intimidate, and Intimidate is always a class skill. Additionally, once per day, you may use a Gaze attack, range 30 feet, Will save negates (DC 10 + half total HD + Cha mod). A creature who fails its save is dazed for one round.
  5. ???


  1. Always Land On Your Feet: You use your tail to orient yourself while falling, allowing you to always and on your feet. You treat all falls as 10 feet shorter than they really are, and are always considered to have deliberately jumped down when falling. So, for example, if you fall 30 feet, you treat the fall as a deliberate jump from 20 feet. This means if you pass a DC 15 acrobatics check you take D6 NLD and land on your feet, otherwise you take D6 LD and D6 NLD and land prone (any alls higher than 30 feet will always make you land prone, contrary to the title. Sorry). Since I always have trouble finding it, rules for falling are here .
  2. Leopardfolk: You bear the characteristic markings of a leopard, and share their natural instincts and grace. You gain a climb speed equal to one-half your base land speed (20 feet for most catfolk, 25 for a barbarian catfolk, though not otherwise modified by enhancement bonuses to land speed). This grants you a +8 racial modifier to climb checks and allows you can always take 10 on climb checks (that is just standard “what happens if you have a climb speed” and nothing special).
  3. Nine Lives: You are blessed with an unnatural resilience to death. Any time you die due to damage, you may opt to roll healing as per Breath of Life (caster level = your HD). If the total rolled would be enough to bring you back to life, you stabilize at 1HP above your death threshold (i.e. at 1-Con). Even if you have Diehard or some other method of acting while dying, you may take no actions. To all outward appearances, you appear dead, and only a DC 25 Heal check will reveal otherwise (that is, enemies will assume you are dead and not just poke you again! And any kind of competent healer can pass that check by taking 20). All the usual caveats on Breath of Life apply (doesn’t work on death effects, etc, and you gain a negative level for a day), but this is considered an Extraordinary Ability and as such functions even inside an Antimagic field. Note also that your body must be mostly intact (see caveats on Raise Dead). THIS ABILITY MAY ONLY BE USED 8 TIMES. ONCE IT HAS BEEN USED FOR THE 8TH TIME, IT CEASES TO FUNCTION AND NOTHING SHORT OF A WISH OR MIRACLE CAN RECHARGE IT. Even if you are Reincarnated and manage to get another catfolk body, this counter is on your soul and is not replenished! Note that this is optional, however, so if you die due to falling in a lake of lava, you won’t burn (pun intended) all your uses with constant fire damage. (This is another in the “almost certainly way too good” category, but lets be honest here: Even if my goal is to kill all your characters mercilessly, I don’t actually want to kill any of your characters because then I have to deal with finding a way to bring them back! Plus, it’s (a) hilarious (b) cliched© awesome. What’s not to love?)
  4. Scent: You have a keen sense of smell. You gain the Scent ability
  5. ???


  1. Disciplined Mind, Disciplined Body: You have trained yourself to remain absolutely motionless, barely even breathing. For every minute you remain absolutely stationary, you may increase your stealth check result by 1 until you move, to a maximum of +40 (invisibility grade) after 40 minutes. Furthermore, after 5 minutes you begin to consume oxygen at half-rate, and after 10 your stealth checks apply even if observed (albeit with a -10 penalty). Thus, to a casual observer, you would fade into the environment. This would allow you to trance safely with no lookout, allow for ambushes, and increase survival times in non-stressful low-oxygen environments (i.e. no help against drowning). Not useful in combat except as noted to spring a trap. Note that it implicitly (and on purpose) works against scent. No logic there other than getting things…. acclimated. ((This may seem very good, BUT the amount of times it will prove useful is far less than a +1 to any skill check which might come up every encounter. This is something effectively purely flavor))
  2. Elven Reflexes: Your reaction time is remarkable, even by elven standards. You may act as if you have the Snatch Arrows feat a number of times equal to your Dexterity modifier (min 1) per day, though may never use it more than once per round. If you actually have Deflect or Snatch arrows, you may utilize it multiple times in the same round, or even same attack, though only up to your dexterity modifier times per day. ((Again, this may be substantially too powerful, but lets be honest: a handful of arrows per day won’t save that much damage, and at once per turn, I’ll often have more arrows to sling. Again, I tend to favor flavor to balance))
  3. Latent Magic: The blood of the ancient elves runs strongly in your veins, and manifests itself in mild telepathy. You may communicate telepathically (and bidirectionally) with anyone within 10 feet (maybe plus 5 feet per point of charisma bonus you have?) as a move action. Communication may be in any language you speak (or can speak magically), though no special understanding of this language is imparted to the recipient. Particularly verbose communication requires a standard action, though very short (2 or 3 words) unidirectional messages may be sent as an immediate action. While this does not allow you to deliver verbal components or similar telepathically, skills such as handle animal that can be performed vocally (even if not in any specific language) would be allowed. This is a supernatural ability and does not work inside an antimagic field
  4. Observant: You have a keen eye and see things others would miss. If you pass within 5 feet of a secret door, you are entitled to a Perception check to notice it so long as you are not blinded or otherwise visually impaired.
  5. ???


  1. Elvenkind: You have more elven blood in you than others of your race. Perhaps one parent was an elf while the other half elf, or perhaps you just were lucky. You gain a +1 Trait bonus on caster level checks to overcome Spell Resistance, and a +1 Trait Bonus to identify items via the spellcraft skill. Additionally, all age categories after adult are shifted back by 10% (so middle age is 68, not 62, old is 102 not 93, Venerable is 137 not 125, and your maximum age is also increased by 10% (so floor(1.1×(125+3D20)). Additionally, most people without elvish blood or intimate knowledge of elves would mistake you for an elf (though possibly an over-tall or slightly clumsy elf). ((Note: I realize the age thing is unlikely to come up, but it is still flavorful, and may be used on NPCs where it could come up)). SPECIAL: On a case-by-case basis, this could also be changed to include Aquatic/Gray/Wild/Wood elf or Drow flavor.
  2. Favorite Parent: You were were raised almost exclusively by one parent. Whether the other was dead, gone, or you just did not like him/her very much, you have been influenced far more by one side of your ancestry than the other. Choose one racial trait off either the Human (not made yet) or Elf list. If your parents were a subrace, you may select traits off those subrace’s lists within reason (this may mean that I will have to make up traits for that subrace). Alternatively, if you wish to implode the universe and if one of your parents was a Half-Elf, you may instead choose a Trait off the Half-Elf list, theoretically going infinitely deep on Favorite Parent. NOTE: Choosing this just to pick another half-elf trait will likely result in glares, electronic or otherwise. I realize that Adopted is already a trait, but it is not, I think, Racial, so this would let you still take something on the Adopted list.
  3. Mixed Heritage: Some half-elves resent their split ancestry and their inability to find a place for themselves in society. Others dedicate themselves to one bloodline over the other. You are not one of these people. Instead, you see your mixed heritage as a blessing and try to bridge the gap between the two races. You gain a +1 Trait Bonus to Diplomacy, Bluff, and Sense Motive checks made against Humans, Elves, and Half-Elves only (In general, this will not apply to other subraces of those species, such as drow or half-orcs, though this is mostly an issue of familiarity, or lack thereof, and not any failing on your part). Additionally, one of those skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you. NOTE: This may not help against Malfoy-esque people (see Pureblood)
  4. Natural Linguist: Perhaps you grew up on the streets, or near a great academy, or were just born to highly multilingual parents. Either way, you are used to seeing and hearing people speaking in languages that are unfamiliar to you. Given sufficient time to study, you can usually figure out most of what is being said, be it from body language or just lucky guessing. You gain a +1 Trait bonus to the Linguistics skill, always treat linguistics as a class skill, and are allowed to take Linguistics checks untrained. Neither the trait bonus nor being able to take checks untrained applies to producing or detecting forgeries. Additionally, after hearing an unfamiliar language spoken for approximately 15 minutes, you may attempt a DC 20 Linguistics check to gain a rudimentary understanding of what is being said. You may even crudely reply in the same language, though both what you understand and what you say will be filtered by the GM (this may or may not include round-tripping through Google Translate or a similar service). So long as you hear the language spoken routinely (at least for an hour or so a day, give or take), you do not need to repeat this check, though once you stop hearing it routinely, you would have to check again. You may also attempt a DC 15 check simply to determine what language is being spoken any time you hear an unknown language (as a immediate action). You gain a +2 bonus on these two checks per language in the same family you know, or +5 if you know the base language. These modifiers are applied in secret, and even if you are fairly sure that you will auto-pass, the roll should always be made as I will determine how well you understand/are understood based on the roll. See the Speak Language skill on for language families. But for example, if you speak Dwarven and Gnome, you would have a +7 bonus to understand goblin. ((NOTE: While this is more of a bonus than most traits, Linguistics is a very fuzzy skill, and this seems entirely within the realm of feasibility. See also: Hoshi Sato)).
  5. ???


  1. Catchy Tune: While no one would accuse you of being an exceptional singer, you can nevertheless sing a rousing ballad or drinking song from time to time. Once per day, you may use Inspire Courage, as a bard of level equal to your half your total HD, though only using auditory components. This is a Su ability, that requires a standard action to use but you main maintain the effect as a free action for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus (if any).
  2. Master Chef: You are a skilled chef, and your creations are both delicious and nutritious. Your skill with spoon and cauldron also helps when brewing potions. Any food you make tastes exceptionally good, and any creature that eats a meal’s worth of your food immediately regains 1 HP (to a max of 3HP/day). Additionally, when brewing potions, you may choose to create the potion at up to one level higher than your actual caster level (with the appropriate increase in price and effectiveness), though you may not brew potions for spells of a higher level than you can cast (this is obvious once you realize that you must know a spell to brew a potion, and cannot know spells higher level than you can cast, but it still is worth reiterating!)
  3. Plucky: You continue on bravely where even the most stoic of your kin would long since have given up. You gain a +1 Trait bonus to Concentration checks and saves to resist nonlethal damage from forced marching, heat, or similar adverse conditions.
  4. Scrappy: You have led a rough life, and have often had to defend yourself in bar fights and petty squabbles. You have learned that sometimes the best weapon is a broken stool leg or shattered pool cue. You take only half the usual penalty when attacking with improvised weapons, though inappropriately sized weapons take their usual penalty.
  5. Strong Stomach: After years spent in taverns, you have developed an innate resilience against alcohol and other ingested materials. You gain a +2 trait bonus to resist ingested poisons or other ingested substances. Difficult to quantify bonuses include getting drunk slower, having no ill effects from eating slightly spoiled (or undercooked) food, etc.


  1. Hard To Kill: Orcish blood flows strongly in your veins, and violence, both dishing it out and receiving it, comes naturally to you. You gain the Ex ability Ferocity. However, should you survive and be healed, you are considered Fatigued for one 30 minutes times your “largest negative” HP value achieved during your Ferocity, after your HP reaches or exceeds 0. That is, if your HP is reduced to -6, you would be fatigued for 3 hours after you are healed. If your Ferocity is triggered again while fatigued, you become exhausted (as expected) for the longer of the remaining durations, and if your ferocity is triggered again, you fall unconscious as usual (and are still exhausted)
  2. Mine’s Bigger: You have learned to wield larger and more powerful weapons. You take only half the usual penalty for inappropriately sized weapons for weapons one size category larger than you would normally wield, and can wield a Two-Handed weapon that is one size category too large for you (normally you would not be able to). ((40K, guilty as charged))
  3. Misunderstood: When people look at you, they see only a brutish thug, incapable of rational thought, and tend to discount your intelligence. But you know better. You know that orcs are like onions, they have layers. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Sense Motive, which increases to +2 when attempting to discern a secret message. “Heh, look at the half-orc! He’s so S. T. U. P. I. D.!”
  4. Tusks: Your teeth are strong and sharp. While you still prefer a good axe in your hands, your bite can make a useful weapon in close combat. You may make a bite attack while grappling or in similar close situations. This is a secondary natural attack, and deals damage as if it was one size smaller than you are (1D4 for a medium creature). This attack does not threaten adjacent squares, and except when used in very close combat, provokes an attack of opportunity.
  5. ???


These are not necessarily even RACIAL traits, just traits I needed to stick somewhere. I’ll work with people to make them fit.

  • Divining Touch: You see flashes of the past when you encounter new people, places or things (or in other words, new nouns). Regardless of whether this power is due to your heritage or a gift from the gods, this is a useful, if sometimes painful, ability. As a move action, you may touch an item, person, or location (that is, “touch the ground”) and attempt to divine some pertinent fact. You do not choose what you learn, nor will I reveal my secret formulae for when your attempt is successful (read also: ad-hoc). However, you may learn such things as the general nature of an item (is this flaming burst or icy burst?), whether it is cursed or not, the command word, or what spells it stores. For places, you may see flashes of past events, such as battles, great triumphs, and the like. For people, you may see flashes of their past, particularly defining moments in their life, or maybe even their ancestor’s lives. Particularly strong people/items/paces may automatically trigger such visions whether you want them or not (effectively consuming a move action). Depending on what is witnessed, you may have to take a Will save or suffer some temporary ill effect (nausea, dazzled, sickened, etc), though if you approach cautiously (spend a FRA to touch it), the effects may be lessened (in other words; if you THINK it is powerful, caution will pay off). While the ill effects may be disruptive, remember that it will often be far better to be sickened for a few rounds now then to don a cursed garment and be screwed worse or later! For weapons, if you wish to have more information, you may slice (or equivalent) your palm with the weapon as a full round action, dealing 1 point of damage to yourself (dealt as if by the weapon, so if it has any special effects like poison, beware, though things like Flaming would not activate unless, you know, it is obviously wreathed in flames) in return for slightly more detailed information. Sleeping (or equivalent) in a location you wish to know about, or spending a good deal of time conversing (ideally while maintaining contact, so like palm-reading style) with a person provide similar enhancements for other types of objects. RESTRICTION: Must be a Divine caster, or be descended from beings from a different plane. (I was torn between making this an Elf skill, since they get a bonus to ID items, or an Aasimar trait since they are Aasimars, so I settled for a restriction to allow either!). Note again: This potentially represents something substantially more powerful than a normal trait, BUT it is hit-or-miss, gives me awesome story-telling ability (and I admit it, I’d give you guys just about anything if it gives me awesome story ability!), and stands in for the lack of readily available Identifiers-for-hire. Also, it basically lets me mix Min, Gandalf-touching-the-One-Ring, and the blood-memory-vampires from Underworld. You can’t fault me for wanting to mix all that! This is a Su ability and goes away in an AMF.
  • Prestidigi-whoops!: You have always enjoyed experimenting with magic, and Prestidigitation comes naturally to you. Subject to GM discretion, the effects of your prestidigitation may be slightly expanded (for example, quicker movement, more distinct flavors/colors, hotter or colder temperatures, slightly more realistic objects). This effect grows as you level, but still will not allow Prestidigitation to duplicate other effects, it just makes it slightly more impressive. Additionally, you are constantly affected as by the spell (consider this a Supernatural Ability : it goes away in an AMF). Thus, as a free action, you may do such things as cause dirt and grime to fall from (or cling to) your clothes and body, change the color of your hair or eyes or skin, etc. These constant effects are limited to changes that directly effect your person or worn items, and again, the effects are limited: hair/eye/skin colors won’t be useful for disguises as they tend to be garish and unnatural: Pinks, bright greens, purple, general anime fare (Disclosure: Yes, I am thinking of Nymphadora Tonks. As for skin tone, if you ever saw Doug on Nickelodeon way back when….). REQUIREMENT: You must know Prestidigitation. If you ever forget the spell (or are a wizard and manage to find a spellbook without it and lose your own – pages CAN be ripped out, right?), the trait is suppressed until such a time as you regain the spell. This is Racial primarily so I don’t have to worry about stepping on other trait’s lists. I am somewhat open to changing what list this is on (Magic makes sense) depending on if people want it and what other traits you want.
  • Tailor Made: Don’t like any that you have seen? Like them but feel they are missing some pizzaz? Work with me to come up with something that fits your character! This needn’t be a racial trait, either. The more unique the characters are, the better in my book, so I am not afraid to make this happen.
  • Tall/Short/Thin/Fat: This may always be selected as a free bonus trait which does not count against your limit. You may exceed the norms of your race for height or weight, subject to GM discretion (in general, ±10% weight, 5% height would probably be fine, maybe more)

NPC Traits

  • Pureblood: You are utterly convinced of the superiority of your race, and even after millennia of interbreeding, your family line is still pure. You hate all members of the “lesser” races equally, and may completely ignore any diplomacy or similar checks that they make against you. Additionally, choose one race in particular that you loathe especially. You gain the Hatred natural ability against this race (see the Gnome and Dwarf race entries on paizo’s site).

Negative Traits

  1. Callous Exterior: For one reason or another, you tend to just not give a damn about what happens to other people. It could be that you’ve seen too much of the harsh realities of life, or perhaps you’re just withdrawn. In any case, you tend not to make empathetic connections with others as easily, tend to come off as rude, and are less likely to lament (or celebrate) the misfortunes of others. Other than close companions, such as close blood relatives, beloved mentors, Animal Companions or close, long-term traveling partners, you take a -2 penalty on skills checks made to improve your relationship with others, such as Diplomacy or Animal Empathy.
  2. Clumsy: Some men are gifted with the grace of the elves. Others, like you, have all the natural grace and agility of a boulder. You take 1 damage any time you roll a natural 1 when making an attack roll, due to nicking yourself with your own blade (this may expose you to any poisons that may be on it, though other effects do not apply), and there is a 5% chance that even 5-foot steps or the first square of a withdraw action will provoke an AOO.
  3. Hemophilia: You bleed profusely from even the smallest cuts. All slashing or piercing attacks cause 1 point of nonlethal bleed damage, that stacks with itself and other bleed damage. If you accumulate more than 5 such bleed per turn from this, excess damage is lethal (that is, after taking 6 hits, your have bleed 5NLD, 1LD). Substantial Fire, Cold, or Acid damage may cauterize these wounds. Maybe. This has the potential to be very deadly very fast, I may be willing to give two positive traits for it.
  4. Phobia: You are terrified of… something. We can work out precisely what, but it should be something that will come up more than never. You are Panicked while you can see whatever it is you are scared of, and are shaken for 5 minutes (give or take) afterwards.
  5. Superstitious: You see omens and signs in even the most mundane of occurrences. While I may use this to give you honestly useful information, I will far more often give you random omens of death, foreboding, or general misfortune. You take a -1 penalty on any skill that requires concentration (such as disable device, spellcraft, and the like), as well as on Concentration checks.
  6. Unluck Curse: You are almost impossibly unlucky. See the Unluck curse in the glossary, though I will only use it once a day and will try to avoid using it to kill you. However, this is not a true curse and cannot be cured, even by Wish or Miracle.

Other negative traits can be worked up: Vision or hearing impairment, etc etc.


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