What Rules Are Allowed

Any rules presented in the Pathfinder PRD are allowed. Additionally, most of the free PDFs you can download from the Paizo store are allowed (but check with me).

Most things in the “standard” section of the d20srd would be allowed with modification. However, the PRD trumps the SRD. But, I might convert some of the monsters from the SRD since many things are annoyingly not in the PRD.

Rules from nonstandard sections of the SRD (basically, the entire second column): Check with me on a case-by-case basis. I am willing to convert many of these rules to pathfinder, but check! In particular, the Combat Facing variant rules are going to be used.

Rules that are not found in the PRD, SRD, or free Pathfinder downloads from Paizo’s site: You must check with me. I am willing to read rules to see if they can be balanced, because I do not want the OGL to determine what rules we do and do not use. However, this will be case-by-case. Do not ask me “Is Complete Divine allowed?”. Ask me, “Is this specific spell from Complete Divine allowed?”. I will not blanket-allow an entire book (though I may blanket-ban an entire book if it seems entirely overpowered). I will look at individual classes, spells, feats, skills, etc. Another example: the alternate Handle Animal tricks in Races of the Wild are in (I am likely to utilize more rules from Races of the Wild, as well).

The bottom line: When in doubt, check with me. Anything written for 3.5 (or heck, 4.0) will need to be converted anyway so has to go through me, but by all means, if you want something, ask me! And I reserve the right to disallow something that the above rules of thumb indicate I will allow, and vice versa.

I will attempt to maintain a list of non-standard rules that have been allowed below, so that everyone is on the same page.

  • SRD Variant Rules
    • Combat Facing – I do not think that any conversion of these rules are needed, save perhaps some specifics of how AOOs work. In general, though, those rules are fairly system-independent so long as you have grid squares. Certainly, we haven’t had to convert them in other Pathfinder games.
  • Races of the Wild
    • Alternate Handle Animal tricks (hopefully everyone who might be interested in those has access to the rules…). Conversions will be handled case-by-case, but most are trivial conversions.
Variant Rules I am considering
  • Reserve Points – makes the party more resilient over the course of several encounters without changing them within any given encounter. IDK yet. I’ll probably see how badly/well you fare over the first couple encounters before deciding.

What Rules Are Allowed

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