Into The Wild

Day 10 - Nightmares

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Day 10 — Nightmares

Today was far, far too long. It is well into the night now and I write this as an attempt to stay awake. Most of the town woke this morning complaining of nightmares and feeling drained — some even seemed to have lost some of their wits — for no discernible reason. Upon realizing that I was not the only one to have suffered such unusually bad dreams, I decided to gather the group in the most efficient way possible — by making breakfast. I guess they missed my cooking since they gathered quite rapidly at Myrissa’s house, and I used the opportunity to find out what could be going on. After confirming that everyone had slept poorly, and noticing that a large portion of the village was still unconscious, Gaia confirmed the half-orc’s suspicions that this was the work of an animated dream, a creature of pure nightmare. I’d never heard of such a thing before, but we were informed that it fed off the fear of the living, and usually used dreams as a way to instill fear in its victims. The challenge, then, became to find a way to keep the entire village up past the normal sleeping hours without causing a panic. Once again food proved the best course of action; meaning I got to spend the evening preparing a feast for an entire village of catfolk. Thankfully I managed to get some brewing done during the day despite constant hounding. The

villagers seemed to like my versions of the traditional recipes that Myrissa shared with me, and the entire village stayed up long into the night eating, dancing, and chatting. The evening wore on and the bards kept the children awake for as long as they could, but eventually it became clear we were pushing for the impossible. But, before I could wonder where we had put the wakefulness draughts, there was a piercing scream in the distance. From my elevated view above the crowd I could see what appeared to be a Thane menacing a catfolk woman. I turned invisible and approached, suspecting something was amiss, after all, how would one of the Tane have sneaked its way into a small village like this unnoticed? After Menira confirmed by suspicions, we began our battle against the dream. The dream seemed to have a hard time noticing Oak, possibly because he is an elf, but it had no trouble noticing as Kurra sunk some claws made of force into it. As the battle waged on we tried to separate the catfolk who seemed to be its victim by putting an illusion between them and dragging her away. It seemed to help her, but being deprived of ‘food’ did not seem to hinder the dream at all. It was hard to tell whether our attacks were affecting it or not since the dream shifted form continually (at least to our eyes, Oak described it as an orb of mist). Eventually, however, the dream was defeated, though not before wounding Oak and Yon-Shi.

They both mentioned that the dream’s mere touch induced horrible visions and seemed to drain them of their very life force. The dream defeated, we began to try and work out where it might have come from, and what we could do to prevent another from following. Ultimately we decided that no more than two of us should be asleep at the same time in an attempt to see if we could discover who might’ve lured it to us in the first place by process of elimination. Ultimately it seems a waste to me, since the people who know more about dreams than the rest of us seem to believe it was most likely the combination of all of our dreams rather than a single person. More importantly, however, is the fact that this new sleeping schedule will make it even harder for me to get everything done that I need to get done in a day, after all I can’t count on the catfolk to be awake at all hours of the morning just because that’s the shift they decided to hand me. Regardless, this has been an extremely long day, and it seems I am finally allowed to sleep. I’ll have to remember to keep Mel up to date, but for now I’m too tired to keep writing.

[Oak status: Seemed a bit more like himself today, noticed him yelling at Solomon for scaring the kittens. That’s probably a good sign.]

Day 10 - Nightmares

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