Into The Wild

Day 11 - Shadowy Discoveries

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Day 11 — Shadowy Discoveries

First day of the new sleep schedule and my only consolation was no dreams. I can’t say I’m happy with this, but at the very least I seem to have enough time to get everything done. The village seemed to be back to normal today, rain included. Thankfully Myr lit a fire and it managed to keep the room dry enough for my experiments, I am getting closer to finishing my first big creation with Myr’s help, and I expect it will quickly prove useful. More excitingly, however, was what awaited me as I woke. Our resident inquisitive sorcerer apparently took the initiative to gather me a sample of the dream we defeated for experimentation. Who knew that rascal could be so thoughtful? After some preliminary experiments I told him that it was unlikely to explode and laid out some theoretical uses for the material — which seems to be regenerating slowly. Most exciting, however, was the idea that came to me as I ruminated over the possibilities while working on my usual tasks — the sample could theoretically be used to power a golem! With a touch of alchemy and the right conditions, I bet I could get a fully functional golem powered by the dream essence, the hard part will be finding materials for a frame and keeping it from being destroyed by the more zealous party members. I was rather hesitant to even write this page in

common, but I figure that its unlikely they will find it while I still live. I told Jorin as much, and he seemed to agree that a golem would be incredibly useful, so for the time being it seems that I have an ally in my research efforts — quite the novel experience for me! I don’t think much else happened today — it was rather quiet — though Mel did mention Oak preforming some sort of blessing for the glade where we destroyed the sphere of darkness. Still quiet days seem to be rare outside the City, so I am glad for the break.

[Oak notes: Too busy to deal with elves today, theres alchemy to discover!]

Day 11 - Shadowy Discoveries

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