Into The Wild

Day 13 - Experiments

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Text Version (The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image):

Day 13 – Experiments

It was a pleasant surprise to find that one of our group interested is in alchemy – even if he’s still jumpy at each and every bubble of the cauldron. Jorin’s visit today was also the first time I’ve ever had someone manage to observe my work without getting in my way – though my new extra ‘hands’ might have helped there as well. Who would have thought that prehensile hair could be so useful? – not that many bothered to try and observe me in the past (aside from the master alchemists). While he had the wisdom not to touch anything I warned him about, he still wouldn’t drink any of my brews – silly boy, just because they’re not tested doesn’t mean I don’t know what they’ll do! – only one of them even turned out caustic anyway! Nothing a healing spell or two wouldn’t have solved at the worst. Still, a sight better than most of the people out here, and even the most ignorant villager seems a grand step up than the working conditions I endured so long in the City. Sometimes it makes me wonder why I desired so strongly to make my name there? I guess it was all I had known up to that point, but as it is now I will make my name on my own. When I return to the City they will see what I have accomplished and they will know that not only did they not help me in my work, they actively hindered me! If that doesn’t strike a blow to those blowhards’ egos,

I don’t know what will. Of course, I may not even have to work anymore if I live to see the City again – I am sure a copy of my memoirs would sell quite well to all the citizens of the City – assuming the publishers are less biased than the alchemists turned out to be. Once Jorin was done looming over my shoulder, I decided to take a break and make myself some lunch, which actually turned out to be a rather delicious catfolk dish recommended by Myr. Many of the ingredients out here would make the aristocrats back home turn green, but they make for some very tasty spices! As is my wont, I made more than necessary, so I brought an extra serving with me as I looked for a nice place to eat. As I wandered around town I decided that I should check in on Oak, to ensure he wasn’t wearing out our welcome in this town by badgering the villagers incessantly, and to see how he was feeling – how much longer my free time lasts depends on that, after all! He was grumpy, as usual, though not as bad as I had expected – seems he’s been actually helping the village, not that any of our group would have ever guessed. He readily accepted, well as far as Oak readily accepts anything from us Cityfolk, the extra portion of lunch. Probably because it was a catfolk recipe, but who knows, maybe he’s developing as much a taste for my cooking as the rest of this group of misfits has. I’ll conquer the world with my cauldron, in one way or another, I just need to

play my cards right. Stopping this whole ‘death of nature’ thing might help too, I guess. Nature is where I find most of my ingredients, after all.

[Oak notes: He seemed to be doing surprisingly well today – finding him helping and not actively bothering the villagers was a surprise. He also seemed glad to have a lunch break from crafting, we’ll see if I can make that a regular occurrence during the rest of our stay here.]

Day 13 - Experiments

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