Into The Wild

Day 14 - Close Calls of Another Kind

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Text Version (The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image):

Day 14 – Close calls of another kind

Another delightfully productive day – with only one near-disaster too! I will have to be especially careful around Kurra now; I’m fairly sure he doesn’t suspect anything, but one can never be too safe. He walked into Myr’s hut as I was examining the nightmare for further study, and while he didn’t seem to know what it was (or if he did, he hid it well), he certainly seemed to realize that it wasn’t a normal potion. I managed to convince him it was one of my experiments and that I had been trying to create a more effective contact based blindness potion – something I should actually put some time into, it would be nice if I could make one effective enough to work via skin contact – which he seemed to accept. That said, if it had been Oak or Menira it could have been much worse – I will have to try and find a better place to store the vial as well, I don’t want anyone to find it and I still don’t know for sure that it won’t have any ill effects on people nearby. Of course, I have been careful to keep watch for any potential changes to myself or those nearby, but it is always hard to determine whether there are truly no side effects of such a volatile substance. Still, the close call warranted a cancellation of further research for the day – not that Kurra hung around for long, he seemed nervous near the cauldron for some reason – so I had to return to

other projects, not that I minded. Still, it would be nice if the others in the group weren’t so narrow-minded about alchemy; they clearly have a scant understanding of the subject at best. I guess that’s the natural response to an unknown, but the way they all flinch and skitter whenever the cauldron so much as bubbles starts to itch like a bad cauldron rash after a while. There have been no catastrophic failures, only a few explosions, no fatalities, and only minor injuries from all of my experiments since leaving the City – which considering a large number of them were unheard of or strictly regulated to people with much better equipment than myself, I think is a rather impressive record! Perhaps I have been too liberal with showing off what an alchemist can do to their enemies, and not liberal enough with showing what an alchemist can do for their allies? I will have to whip them all into shape, most especially Jorin, if he wants to continue to aid me in my research.

- Kalmella

[Oak notes: I saw Oak only briefly today, for what seems to becoming our ‘usual’ lunch hour. I shall have to see how I can make the most of this.]


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