Into The Wild

Day 16 - On The Road Again

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Text Version (The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image):

Day 16 – On The Road Again

Unfortunately last night was our last in the Catfolk village, I have been more productive in this village than I ever was in the City, despite the lack of a fully stocked laboratory of alchemical goods. After the feast last night and a pleasant breakfast this morning (was unsure if Oak was even going to allow that much) we’ve had plenty of time to say our goodbyes to the villagers. Seems time to move on; busy as I was, I could see the wanderlust starting to take hold of some of our group as early as the day before yesterday. I managed to get some important last-minute crafting done last night, but that meant I will be all the more tired for the anticipated day of marching through increasingly annoying underbrush. For the first hour or so Gaia marched with us – though we did not talk too much as she seemed to be very weary (I am still unsure how an ‘over-deity’ becomes weary). After her departure we continued marching in our usual noisy manner (much to Oak’s visible annoyance) through the forest (which seemed especially full of tripping roots, ripping twigs, and whipping branches) until the majority of our group (Oak included) seemed ready to fall over. Once Jorin finally managed to talk Oak into finding a spot to camp, it took us another half an hour or so to find a suitable location. Thankfully no one insisted I

take a shift on watch, as I was busy brewing all night. Of course, only having two hours (the duration of Oak’s trance) to study Jorin’s ‘sample’ is severely slowing down my research – and I dare not risk Oak finding the sample before I can come up with a suitable use for it, lest he destroy it. It would be a lot easier if Jorin could take watch duty while Oak slept, but that does not happen very often, meaning my work is usually more restricted by having to keep the bored and restless guard from looking too closely at what I’m working with. Thankfully a vial of shadow is rather hard to see at night, even with the glow of the cauldron. During the day I constantly look for samples that might have interesting properties or reactions with the vial – it is quite an interesting substance, and the only thing to take my mind off the fact that we will be marching in boredom through this dreadful underbrush for the next week or so. Thankfully much of the tension in the party seems to have been released after our stay with Catfolk – I don’t think most of our group realized just how tiring this life in the wild has been for them. Of course, with the way Oak pushes our daily marching, I don’t expect this to last very long. Still, a dryad grove sounds like quite the interesting place, if you’re looking for rare plants with interesting properties, I imagine you’d be hard pressed to find a better spot than a dryad grove. Of course I am unsure how willing they will

be to let me take samples, but if we’re there to save them from a tainted ruin, I would think they can part with a couple leaves and stems (and maybe a root or three). Hopefully the dryads are interesting too, though I don’t expect they will have much interest in alchemy (most fey don’t seem to) despite the fact that they have quite the access to natural alchemical ingredients. We were warned that Vári is quite unlike Melisse (probably a good thing) and that Tria is not as young as she looks (this is always disorienting with fey, I can understand the desire to not look like yourself, but it seems exaggerated in fey). Hopefully this set of ruins will be much less eventful than the last, because after a week of marching to get there, we will be in no shape to go through that kind of ordeal again. I guess I must get some sleep soon, or else be woken by a very irritated druid and be groggy for even more marching. So little time, so much to brew, what is an alchemist to do?

[Oak notes: He seems back to his old self now that we’re on the road again, though traces of his fatigue occasionally show through. I wasn’t really able to continue our usual lunches from the village as we don’t stop for long and I am forced to cook for the group, as usual.]

Day 16 - On The Road Again

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