Into The Wild

Day 17 - Waste

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Day 17 – Waste

Today has been one of the worst days of travel so far. Last night someone was up to no good in our camp, which delayed our leaving this morning and put everyone on edge for the duration of our travels. I was not in the best of moods myself because one of my experiments took much longer than expected and had to be dumped before completion due to time constraints. Normally I don’t worry overmuch about letting things simmer while I rest as I can always have Eel keep an eye out, but this particular reaction required quite a lot of effort to keep stable – looks like I will need a catalyst to speed it up. So after going to bed grumpy, I am awoken earlier than I would like to cook breakfast for a group of irritable, ungrateful louts who want nothing more than to argue loudly over who put some pine sap on Menira’s armor and Solomon’s clothes (It certainly wasn’t the pixie, they never prank anyone). After wasting a hefty amount of time bickering and making Oak search the camp for signs of intrusion – which just made people more paranoid – wet set off for one of the most exhausting hikes we’ve ever done. While I somehow managed to keep up despite my lack of sleep, Oak forced us to march until I had healed nearly half our group for their fatigue, only to stop when another half of the group nearly collapsed – and primarily because Kurra’s big cat

was tired. Not the people who have to take the night shift, not the people who will be most important if we’re attacked suddenly, Kurra’s cat. I’ve nothing against Kurra and his companion, but sometimes Oak’s thought process baffles me. OK, scratch that, Oak’s thought process always baffles me, and I pride myself on being able to understand the male mind. Then again I wouldn’t put it past him to put down ‘Druid’ under gender on one of the City’s tax forms. Thankfully Eel doesn’t seem to be injured, just rather exhausted from the difficult hike, which of course means I’ll have to let him sleep though the entire night, rather than keep an eye on my cauldron. Oh well, until I find a catalyst for that reaction there isn’t much point in trying to work on it now. The knowledge that we have nearly a week more of this to come is just making everyone that much more frustrated, which is feeding off itself – if something doesn’t break the tension soon this trip will quickly become unbearable. Hopefully this won’t affect my work, since I do most of it when the group is asleep, but I have low expectations. Jorin mentioned an interesting idea that seems utterly impractical as proposed, but has a good basis; he suggested a flying carpet to allow me to work while we traveled. Now, obviously, I have no real way of attaining such an expensive magical item out here with nothing to trade, but I expect there is something to the idea. I considered a cart

passingly but the forest is too thick and Oak would complain endlessly about the noise and the tracks and other things (are wheels considered natural?) so that is highly unlikely to work, but maybe if I can find a witch with a more powerful levitation spell or even just a scroll or other magic item with the right abilities…

Well, either way I have nothing but time to dwell on these ideas as we march for the next week towards the ruins. Maybe, if I get lucky, we will find something useful there. Maybe, if we’re all very lucky, no one will die inside.

[Oak notes: He seems infuriatingly back to his old self. Some of the progress he seems to have made in the village and prior is still evident, but once we start marching its like we’ve just met all over again. I find myself wishing he wasn’t so tall so I could bonk him on the head when he tells us to keep marching.]

Day 17 - Waste

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