Into The Wild

Day 20 - Fumbles and Curses

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Text Version (The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image):

Day 20 — Fumbles and Curses

The day did not start off well, after Eelfin’s tireless efforts to help me learn a remove curse spell from the local witch, we were unable to. I am unsure if it is because of fatigue on our part or simply differences between myself and the witch who knew the spell. Or perhaps simply a fluke. Either way, that did not, exactly, put me in the mood to march several hours whilst carrying my passed out fox. But march we did, uphill, on stony riverside, for hours upon hours. Oak seemed intent to make up for lost time today, but I could tell from early on that he would be disappointed. Many of us seemed pushed to the limit after only our usual minimal distance, far though that is. I was surprised at how easily he gave in and allowed us an early respite, but I suppose between my haggard look and Menira’s panting, there was little he could do to argue. Still, it was a more pleasant march than usual, the sky overhead and lack of tripping underbrush is something I had missed. I do wish I had thought to join Jorin in his evening reconnaissance, as the view of the sunset over the forest must have been enjoyable. That said, between my usual responsibilities in the camp and my haggard state, he would have been hard pressed to get me to cast a cantrip, let alone use a hex. Yesterday our witch friend gave us a scroll of remove curse, which I can attempt to

learn from. While I am worried, it seems much more straightforward than learning it from such a foreign source. I have done as much preparation for consuming the scroll as I can, and plan to do so once Eel has finished with his supper. That way we can get as much rest as possible, after adding another spell to our repertoire. I have no doubt that we will need to remove several curses in the near future, as the ruins that the taint seems to emanate from tends to be the kind of place to find both cursed items and traps. I will report tomorrow how the ritual goes, and with a little help from Eel, will be removing curses from our items for the next few days.

- Kalmella

[Oak notes: If I said that he was becoming more sane yesterday, that did not include his zeal for marching. I wonder if he was some sort of athlete before becoming a druid. He would certainly excel at marathons.]

Day 20 - Fumbles and Curses

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