Into The Wild

Day 4 - Alchemy at last!


Text Version (Melisse’s notes in red. The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image)

Day 4 – Alchemy at last!

(Top-Right Margin) Druids are like that, hon.

I woke up as early as I could today – Oak’s insistence on spending every possible moment marching was not going to stop me from tinkering with my new alchemist’s lab! I may have gotten just a little overzealous, because my the next thing I knew everyone was staring at me as I bottled my first successful batch of acid – or at least the first one I was allowed to call my own. Now, I’m used to drawing eyes, but not usually this many at once, or this early. I knew something was off since the group was up so early – the sun had barely risen! – but I was a little distracted by my success. No one seemed to particularly care about the wonders of my new cauldron – it seems to enhance my alchemy even further! – or my creation and the promise it held in store for the future, rather they all seemed rather angry at me for some reason. Brushing aside their unfounded grumpiness, I cleaned myself – and the area, apparently the cauldron spilled a little – before setting down to cook the ungrateful lot some breakfast, I really do hate cooking so much when I only get to eat my usual halfling sized portion, it seems a waste of food! We spent most of the day marching, as it seems we will spend the next. At least it gives me time to complete my rituals with the scrolls I found! It’s also less dangerous than fighting skeletons, so you wont see me complaining (well

(Top-Left Margin) You really don’t know what hexes are?

not much anyway). If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, more powers manifested today. Apparently I can heal with a touch now, which is nice and all, but it doesn’t seem to have any limit other than once per person. I’ve never even heard of a power like that, its very unsettling. It made Oak happy, for some reason, I guess its more proof that I’m a ‘witch’, then. As far as random powers go I guess its better than randomly shooting fire out of my palms or something. Well I guess that should keep me high on Oak’s list of useful people for the time being, lets hope that I don’t develop a power that makes him ‘realize’ that I’ve ‘rejected nature’ somehow, since he seems liable to lop my head off with that flaming sword of his if I do. We started teaching each other various languages today to pass the time, it made the march more bearable for sure, but I was hoping to get Oak alone for our Sylvan lessons.

- Kalmella and Melisse!

[Oak status: My plan to get him alone was foiled by his insistence that everyone learn Sylvan, I will have to think up a new one. At least he seems happy about my healing.]

Can’t you at least give me a clue? Secret romance?

Day 4 - Alchemy at last!

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