Into The Wild

Day 5 - Travel


Text Version (Melisse’s notes in red. The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image)

Day 5 – Travel

Peace and quiet at last. We spent the entire day marching, but the pain in my feet was worth a chance to clear my head. The language lessons continued today, though I still haven’t managed to get Oak to teach my privately – likely because I’m picking up Sylvan much faster than the others. Draconic, too, actually – that’s very odd seeing as I never picked up more than a word or two in the Fuchsia Quarter. The woods are eerily quiet here – likely because we scare everything away before we reach it, as the group makes a lot of noise even when not speaking. My eyes – and sleeping habits – have begun to adjust to the life in the forest, the changes are happening so fast that it is frightening. I wake up every day wondering what new power will manifest, unsure what to hope for. On the plus side there are plenty of ingredients – for cooking and alchemy both! I don’t know the names of most of the plants here – I have never seen most of them before! Especially as I was never one for botany, but I can usually tell which are going to be useful for stew and which for my reactions. Usually – anyways, there was that /one/ incident, but its hardly worth noting, he should be able to taste things again by next month! I’ve noticed that while people are nice enough to each other out here – which is a surprise in and of itself – no one seems to be really forming any friendships –

(Right Margin) If I’d known you were a cook, I’d have asked you to make me a meal.

though apparently a couple ‘friendships’ have been developed when they thought no one was looking. Most people who really get along knew each other from beforehand, and while its nice to know there are people out here who are watching my back – because I’m watching there’s, and patching it up, and feeding it! – it would be nice to have some actual friends. Then again, I guess that’s been true my whole life – I’ve never had too many, most of my peers were rivals, that’s just the way things were in Fuchsia Quarter. The routine continues, up early, eat, march all day, eat, sleep, Oakflower wouldn’t have it any other way. Things have gotten boring over the day’s march, I will have to see about livening things up – in fact, I may go try and do that now, maybe I can get that elven sorcerer to help, he seems to know how to have a good time.

- Kalmella and Melisse!

[Oak notes: minor progress, he is hard to talk to when he’s focused on us covering ground like this, but I continue to work away regardless.]

Not even a little hint, Kal?

Day 5 - Travel

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