Into The Wild

Day 6 - Dragons


Text Version (Melisse’s notes in red. The note at the end is in halfling, denoted by square brackets here and in Google-translated Dutch in the image)

Day 6 – Dragons! and a Nymph!

So much for peace and quiet. Today started off much the usual, I cooked breakfast for the bunch of ungrateful louts who have come to be my companions in this ordeal, and then we started marching again. This catfolk village – they have villages out here, apparently – is supposed to only be another two or three days away, at our pace. Of course, our pace is pretty darn slow with all the people and supplies we’re hauling. After more hours of marching through forest, we happened upon a small lake which we stopped at to catch some fish before crossing. Of course, with our luck, we managed to find the lake with a dragon in it, and were forced to fight the beast. It took out a sizable group of our less-able members as they were trying to flee before we could even really react! Made a large puddle out of the poor souls, and the survivors were even worse off. After that one of the sorcerers managed to wrap it in trees somehow – I swear I’ll never understand that half elf – and then our combined efforts managed to bring it down. Not before it managed to inflict enough damage to make the <u>second</u> dragon that much more challenging, however. As the second dragon comes flying out of the forest, the blasted half elf taunts the damned thing! I swear hes trying to get himself killed sometimes! In much the same fashion, and after nearly eating Oaky, the

(Right Margin) He’s got Fey blood in him, honey. Don’t expect to understand him.

(Left Margin) You aren’t half-bad looking yourself honey!

second dragon was also defeated. Now, somewhere in between those two, a Nymph appeared – I hadn’t paid too much attention as I was busying dealing with acid-burn victims in a much worse condition than even the least regulated lab in Fuchsia Quarter! The nymph introduced herself as Melisse, and, once I was done tending to the survivors, I noticed just how, well, stunning, she was. I’m not used to feeling plain by comparison to others, but a Nymph really lives up to the hype. Oak, being his usual blunt self, said she was allowed to pick as she wanted amongst our group to mate with, so long as she didn’t enchant any of us – and then promptly excluded himself from those available due to the ‘visions’ he has. I wasn’t too sure I liked her at first, but after we talked for a while in her house, I found we got along well. Melisse is probably the first person I’ve met Outside that I would call a friend, the rest of the group are more along the lines of coworkers, or maybe extended family. At the end of our chat she gave me a mirror so we could keep in touch – its an extremely interesting device, the likes of which I’ve never heard of before. There was some business of her ‘inspiring’ someone as a muse that has yet to be settled, but I’m not entirely sure what that entails, and, given her penchant for trying to get me into her bed, I am not sure I want her to choose me. On the other hand, ‘Anything for Alchemy’ has long been a motto of mine, and it seems that her favor

You don’t know what you’re missing!

(Top Margin) You forgot all about that satyr George!

can help one in crafting endeavors. If all that didn’t make for an exciting enough day, the most irritating part was still to come. As I was cooking dinner, Oak – in his usual, abrasive way – began to interrogate Zyzara about her sexuality, and got himself slapped for his efforts. Now, I normally try not to interfere with Oak’s interrogations, but I figured that he would appreciate not being slapped again, and we would appreciate if he developed just a little tact. Explaining our customs to him was easier than anticipated – he seemed to understand at the very least – I just had to explain it in a way that would make him realize that we come from an entirely different world. The problem – because nothing can ever go easily – came in when I had finished my explanation, and the damned half orc sorcerer decided to undermine my entire explanation by insisting that our worlds were not all that different! I gave him a tongue lashing and my best glare, which, while I didn’t expect it to have a brute like him shaking in his boots, usually has some effect. It had an effect all right, apparently being glared it is reason enough in his twisted mind to toy with people’s psyches! Of course, I recognized the spell as he cast it – Cause Fear – but that didn’t stop the visions from flooding over my mind as it took hold. There I was again, the Fuchsia Quarter, alone with Master Vitri in his office. He advances slowly, chanting a spell I cannot identify despite

(Right Margin) Solomon’s not so bad, once you get to know him.

my efforts, smiling that horrible smile. I scream. There’s a dagger in my hands. I throw it. A sickening thud. A grunt, then blood. Blood everywhere. I know that this is just a spell, forcing me to revisit my worst experience, to incite fear. That doesn’t stop my legs from carrying me away from the group, out into the woods, as fast as they can. Finally the fear fades, I remember now, the guards, the trial, the jury – I was innocent, I had no way of knowing what he would do to me – what he was trying to do to me, and so they found me innocent. Didn’t stop me from being exiled eventually anyway I guess, but that was six years ago, now I am in the forest – alone. I sprint back to the group, my eyes aflame. How dare he make me relive that? Wasn’t once enough? The insults I can brush off, no real harm was done to my explanation for Oak – I can always talk to him again later. But that, that was unforgivable. No one toys with my mind and goes unpunished, <u>_no one_</u>. The half orc made a poor decision tonight, and he shall pay for it. I have some ideas, but maybe Melisse will have others.

- Kalmella and Melisse!

Thanks for all the help, and don’t forget to come back to me sometime! I promise you’ll enjoy yourself!

Day 6 - Dragons

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