Into The Wild

Day 7 – Getting Closer

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Day 7 – Getting Closer

Another quiet day – except for the half orc’s growling stomach, as we made our way through the underbrush. We’ve seen less and less of the catfolk Yon-Shi that we met out here as we travel. She is confident that we are close to her home village now and estimates two or three more day’s travel before we reach it, or maybe less once we find an area she is more familiar with. At any rate I instructed all the other chefs not to give any food to solomon as punishment for his impudence. I’m not entirely sure that he realizes whats going on yet, but he probably will soon. It doesn’t much matter as I’ve made preparations for all reasonable contingencies. Meanwhile, the language lessons continue, I feel like I might have them down in a couple more days, amazingly. While we travel and learn Sylvan, Oak points out different plants and animals of note. The plants out here are amazing! So many species I’ve never even heard of, and many of them have a bunch different uses! Most people in the City barely cared about plants at all; I guess knowing which flowers cure which disease matter a lot less when you have clerics. Thankfully that’s not all the plants are good for – I’ve got a lot of ideas for my alchemy. If I ever get back to the City I will pioneer a new age of alchemy with all these new recipes and ideas! I just wish I had more time! Between the hours we

spend marching, and the hours I have to spend to cook everything for everyone, I barely have enough time to rest and recover, let alone to actually make anything! So far I’ve managed to squeeze in one attempt each day, usually in the morning, and thus far I’ve been trying out one recipe every day, starting with the ones I’d heard of, but never tried, back in the City, and soon I’ll be moving on to my own creations. I didn’t have time to talk to Melisse today – she’ll probably be mad about that, knowing her – but she did see us off in the morning! Right now I’m so tired I’m in danger of passing out before I can even find a good, safe, place to sleep, so you’ll have to forgive the shorter entry – not a whole lot happened today anyway.

- Kalmella

[Oak notes: No change. Oak spent most of the day out scouting – wonder if he’d be mad if I fell asleep on him, because that’s whats likely to happen if I try to talk to him now.]

Day 7 – Getting Closer

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