Into The Wild

Day 8 - Seas of Green

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Day 8 – Seas of Green

We reached Yon-Shi’s town today, just in time for the local goblin attack, lead by the most charming group of bloodthirsty barghests you’ve ever had the pleasure to lob a vial of alchemist’s fire at. Quite the relaxing distraction while you attempt to trade spells with the local witch, I assure you. Let me back up a little and start from the beginning. The day started early, as usual, and our group pressed for speed in an attempt to reach Yon-Shi’s village as soon as possible. As we approached the village, we spotted what appeared to be a lone goblin traveling unarmed towards the village. Whatever it was, it clearly wasn’t a normal goblin, and my hunch was quickly validated when it suddenly disappeared without a sound or trace. I explained the rest that it was probably an ability like invisibility, or some such, and that we should stay vigilant – otherwise I’d be back to healing up one of their useless backsides while trying to cook again. Skipping over a skirmish with the beast, and we arrive at Yon-Shi’s town to warn them of the danger, which they seemed already partially aware of. And by partially aware, I mean they were practically up in arms, but even despite the tense atmosphere, the village was amazing. It blended into the forest completely, their houses were made of trees and they used rope bridges for roads – who knew there

were so many free catfolk but a week’s travel away from The City? As the group introduced themselves and intermingled with the catfolk, I met the local witch who confirmed that Oak isn’t the only one to use the term. Whatever it means, we seem to be able to share spells somehow, apparently by having our companions stare at each other for a few hours. Which is how I ended up stuck in a house speaking about alchemy recipes while the town around me engaged in a bloody war against what must have been every goblin within 50 miles and their barghest leaders. Amazingly we managed to repel the attack without any casu-
alties, likely due to the help we summoned in and the planning that was cobbled together at the last second. Apparently goblins are pretty spineless without extraplanar leaders. Who knew? Apparently the group managed to injure one the barghests severely enough for it to try and teleport away – right into the house next to ours. Which, of course, left me to deal with it – not a lot of fun. I managed to knock it out with a vial of alchemist’s fire – thankfully the village didn’t burn down – and proceeded to bring it to the group for interrogation, only to find that they had commanded a reanimated one for that purpose instead – good to know they can finally manage getting things done without me, but it would have been nice if I’d known that before lugging the thing’s stinking carcass all the way across town! Of

course, that couldn’t be all the fun, we had to deal with some crazy necromantic sphere which seemed to be growing until we blasted it with sunlight and positive energy. It didn’t end up doing much, but damn if it wasn’t unnerving. Of course, to get that much sunlight in the forest means we pretty much burned down that section of trees – no one seemed to mind though, not even Oak, nice to see him being practical for a change – not being undead is more important than a dozen or so trees any day! Yet another crisis averted and we head back to town only to find out that the elders’ ‘friend’ of the village was actually Gaia, who, of course, promptly passed out from overworking herself with a spell – how does an over deity (or whatever she is) overwork herself anyway? This, of course, prompted Oak to rush to her side and get knocked out when he tried to lift her – apparently those visions of his are more of a pain than we realized, he’s been whining about his head ever since he regained consciousness, maybe I’ll have to brew him something tomorrow. Then again, him being in this state is the only reason we’ll have a week or so to stay in this town, and I haven’t had anywhere near enough time to talk to the local witch, as she also studies alchemy! I spoke to Mel again today, she was rather concerned about Oak – apparently she can tell some vague information about his well being through her link to him, which of course meant I got an earful for

not calling her sooner right as I figured out how to work that dang mirror. Now that both Oak and I have a headache, I’m going to bed. Hopefully too exhausted for dreams, though I haven’t had any for a while, which I think is a good sign.

- Kalmella

[Oak status: Busy day culminating with his being knocked out, highly doubt he’s in a good mood. That said, I should have plenty of opportunity to work on him this week – if that’s necessary, this town is pretty nice, I might stay here if I can talk my way into it.]

((Sketch of the leaves and flowers of a plant, with notations:

  • Flat needles
  • Very sticky sap good for tanglefoot bags
    Yellow flowers
  • Day 8 - Seas of Green

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